If you are thinking that I also want to become a millionaire, then Share Market is the best example for you. The stock market is such a way to earn money, which can be done while sitting at home and working. But the stock market also has its own rules, which are very important to keep in mind.

The stock market is such a place where you can earn lakhs by investing a little money. In the share market, big companies sell some of their parts and people buy them and sell them back when they grow.

what is shere market

Share means 'Part'. This means that the companies which are listed in the stock market or stock market, their stake remains divided. To enter the stock market, any company has to be registered with SEBI, BSE and NSE (National Stock Exchange).

How does the stock market work?

You can use any online trading platform or app to open your demat account. Groww, Upstox, AngleOne are some of the popular names to invest in the online stock market.

how to make money in share market

Making money from share market is neither easy nor difficult. For this, you should have knowledge about the share market and along with this you have to take care of some other important things.

how to earn money from share market

Before investing money, learn about the stock market, what is the stock market? How does the stock market work? And how to earn from share market? Because no one can make money easily in share market

learn share market

If you are investing money in the stock market, then it is not necessary that there should be more money for investment. Due to lack of correct information, most of the people make the same mistake that they invest their entire deposits in the stock market.

invest less money

Let us tell you that to earn money from the share market, you must have information about the share market and you must have a demat account.