Today we will tell you very well how to earn money on Instagram. Used to be

Instagram is a social media platform that is or operates a Facebook handle, maybe you must be running Instagram along with Facebook, if you run Instagram, then you can earn money from Instagram

Find your topic It simply means what to find Here we tell you that you do not have to create such an account by raising any topic, you can get success on the thing that interests you the most, your heart feels the most.

Suppose you wrote the post or clicked on the photo, after that you started uploading, then you have to keep in mind that you have to make at least 2 posts in a day, after posting two you have to put a lot in it. All the keywords will have to do seo research.

Story plays an important role in Instagram because by adding a story, your account starts growing well. If we talk about stories, then a story should be put on Instagram every day, if you put at least one story a day now, then your account will grow in the future.

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Promotion Suppose you have an Instagram page on mobile then your friend will tell you that I want to post on your mobile page or your friend has a page for any thing then you will say that you have to post a post What to do after that, the followers can be increased by using each other's page.

Affiliate MarketingYes earn money from affiliate marketingTo join Affiliate Marketing Instagram you have to join Affiliate Program like there are many such affiliate earning programs run in India from which many people earn a lot of money.📷