Today, if we need to order any goods online, then first of all we like to go to the Amazon website, Amazon is very popular as well as the largest e-commerce company, so we are going to tell you.  that how you can earn some money through amazon

You can earn very good money sitting at home through Amazon Affiliate Marketing, where if there is no other option to earn money online then this web story of ours will prove to be very useful for you, so we request you that our  Read this web story  carefully from beginning to end

Amazon is an ecommerce website where people can go and buy any item. Amazon Affiliate Marketing means that you help in selling Amazon's product and whenever you are successful in selling Amazon's product, then in return.  Amazon gives some commission 

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Here you first need to create an account in Amazon Affiliate Marketing, after that you can promote any product or if you are a blogger or on YouTube then you can get a very good commission by promoting the product from it.

To create an Amazon Affiliate Marketing account, first you will need to go to its official website.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Account

You will get to see the option of SIGNUP on the home page of the website, you need to click on it. After clicking on the option of SIGNUP, you will have to register in Amazon's website and the process of registering is very easy.

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Here we are going to talk about how you can generate the link of any product after creating the account, we will give complete information about it so that you can generate the link of any product of your choice

How To Earn Money From Amazon Affiliate Program Amazon