Essay on value and importance of punctuality in student life

The importance of not arriving on time is realized if a train misses due to a few minutes delay. The person was very disappointed to hear that the train had departed from the platform two minutes before your arrival. Timeliness means making the right decisions on time. Even a tiny second can make a huge difference to you, so each of us needs to be punctual in our lives.

Through this essay, I have tried to give more information to everyone related to this topic. This essay can help students write essays, projects and assignments on the subject.

Long essay in English on the value and importance of timeliness in the life of students

Timeliness for students: values and importance – 1500 word essay


If we adopt to be punctual in our life, our life is very beautiful and full of accomplishments. Some students miss important lectures as well as good opportunities due to being late for class. Punctuality is like a habit in life, which we need to gradually assimilate into our lives. No child is punctual from birth, on the contrary, he needs to learn the importance of life and complete the tasks of life on time. Being punctual shows you care about your work and your ability to work hard.

The lives of great men who portrayed punctuality (Life of great personalities who showed punctuality)

Mahatma Gandhi is also known as the “Father of the Nation”, who was also known as a symbol of punctuality. He took great care to do all his work on time without delay. He used to get up early at 4 in the morning and start his day. He always kept a watch with him, which would remind him of that time. He did not like to waste a single minute of his life. To his great surprise, when his watch stopped working, he stopped breathing and died.

The first president of the United States, George Washington, was a very punctual person. He did all his work on time, for example eating, working, sitting, etc. He didn’t like the one minute delay. He would arrive on time for dinner. He ate his food without waiting for anyone. He became a leader because of his routine and the quality of being punctual in his work.

The importance of punctuality (Importance of punctuality)

  • PeopleI Makes it reliable (Makes people trustworthy)

A person who adheres to punctuality has the mindset to complete all his tasks and responsibilities on time. Other people easily trust such people that they will not delay and they also understand their responsibilities. Such people easily complete their work and they give their best results which helps them to achieve success.

  • Helps in planning and organizingHelps to plan and organize)

People who understand the meaning of punctuality and follow it never delay in getting anywhere. It helps us to develop time management, get work done before deadlines, arrive a little before reporting time, and always be ready with all the requirements. Individuals with such qualities are considered employed and organized individuals. The result of all such artists and the performance they give is only possible due to timeliness.

  • Punctuality gives discipline (Punctuality disciplines)

People who are punctual in their lives are punctual as well as disciplined. His punctual nature motivates him to do his work on time despite various obstacles. Discipline really means understanding the importance of the task at hand and accomplishing it in the allotted time, which can only be achieved by being punctual.

  • Boosts your ambition (Helps fulfill our ambition)

It is often said that if you consider the importance of time and take the right steps in the right direction, it will help you achieve your ambition. To achieve your goals you need to understand the importance of time and work within time limits.

  • Makes people admire others (Make people admire others)

People who have a habit of doing all their work on time are more likely to succeed in life. Such people are also rich in moral antiquity and culture. Such people are admired by other people and children. Thus the values of punctuality are inculcated in others, especially in children.

  • Success at work (Success at work)

Employees who are punctual and responsible for their work are considered and respected by their superiors. Such people are promoted to higher positions and have success in their lives.

PunctualityHandjob Serious for success (Punctuality is key to success)

Winners are not born in any other wayHandjob Instead, they work differently. “

Leaders or winners are ordinary people among us. They do their work in such a way that they are different from others. Punctuality is the greatest virtue that sets them apart from others. If a person does not understand the importance of time and is not determined to achieve a goal, he can never reach heights. Whether you are in student life or working as a professional, punctuality is very important for success.

Students must get up early in the morning and manage the time required to complete the assigned school tasks. Getting up early in the morning gives them enough time to do other important activities like exercise, which makes the body and mind fit and healthy. Students should focus more on their goal. Students who come late for lectures, show a lazy attitude and take life too easy, have no choice but to repent for their actions.

The value of punctuality in student life (The value of punctuality in student life)

The child grows up and becomes a student. Children are not born with the quality of punctuality. This is the quality of life and it must be assimilated. The child learns a variety of qualities as he grows up in his life. Punctuality is the most important thing in a student’s life.

Students’ lives are said to be full of struggles. They need to work hard to achieve their life goals. All students should be punctual and disciplined in their lives. Timeliness will only make them successful in life. The path to success is always full of difficulties and student life is a life of ignorance as well. Students are always distracted from their goals and this success drives them away from their lives.

Students should always focus on their goal while walking on the path to success. With his goal in mind, the student can achieve his goal with his intelligence, punctuality, and discipline. Time management is most important for students, as students need to complete all their tasks in the allotted time and prioritize the important tasks among them.

Students who do not understand the importance of punctuality are always at a loss. Not coming to class or coming late and not coming to lectures is never fruitful. Such students are deprived of many important lessons or education and as a result they miss out on good opportunities.


Punctuality develops discipline, honesty and courtesy in us. These qualities enhance a person’s personality. It helps you to increase your inner self. It allows us to believe in ourselves and create a “I have to do this” feeling. It is essential for every human being to learn to be punctual from the very beginning of life and to be a source of inspiration for others as well. That way your life will be worth living.

Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – What is punctuality?

Answer – Timely completion of all tasks in your regular routine is a feature of being on time.

Question 2 – Why is punctuality important?

A. Punctuality is the quality of a disciplined person that leads him to success.

Question 3 – What are the benefits of the following time?

A. People who are punctual are fit, healthy, efficient and successful and everyone trusts and respects them.

Question 4 – What is the most important thing in your life?

Answer – Time is the most important thing in your life because once time runs out it does not come back, so you should make good use of time.

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