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History and Story of Narmada River

History of Narmada River in English: We have many rivers in India, which are a sign of purity. About the purity of each river, there are some special histories and stories behind it. There is also a belief in India that bathing in holy rivers removes people’s diseases, sorrows, griefs and sins. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you all about such a holy river, whose mere appearance can make us forget all the sins of human beings.

Having said that, we all understand which river of India we are talking about. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. We are talking about the river Narmada. Today, all of us will know through this important article written by us, who is Mother Narmada? History behind Mata Narmada, popular stories behind the origin of Mata Narmada etc.

If you all want to know more about Mother Narmada and the story behind her birth, please read our article. History and story of Narmada river (Narmada river story in Hindi) Read exactly to the end.


Who is Mother Narmada?

The Narmada River is known as the main river of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. It flows from east to west in the central part of India. Like the famous Ganges in India, the river Narmada is also worshiped. The river Narmada is considered more sacred than the Ganges in India. It is said that bathing in the Ganges cures people’s ailments. But only the sight of mother Narmada removes half of a person’s sorrow. The river Narmada originates from the peak of Amarkantka. There are various reasons behind the origin of Mother Narmada.

Let us all say that there are more than 10 crore pilgrimage sites from the place of origin of Mother Narmada to the confluence of the seas. The river Narmada is said to be the most mythical river in India. It is said that Lord Shiva resides in every particle of the river Narmada. Bathing in the famous and sacred Ganges in India washes away the sins of the people and brings virtue, but the sight of the river Narmada only removes the misery of the people.

In India, the river Narmada is given the status of mother. The Narmada River is ranked higher than any other river in India. It is also said that just bathing in the river Narmada cures all the diseases, aches and pains of the people.

According to mythology and Puranas, many things have been said about Mother Narmada. For example, those who reverently worship Mother Narmada and remember her regularly are never bitten by snakes.

How did the river Narmada get its name?

Once Lord Shiva was sitting near Amarkantak lake doing penance, his sweat created a river, this river provided coolness to Lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva awoke from his penance, Mother Narmada told him about his miraculous pastimes and was amazed to hear Lord Shiva and Parvati.

When Mother Narmada told her this, Lord Shiva’s heart became very happy and Lord Shiva said, Goddess, You have made our hearts very happy and given your name. Narmada Since then, the name of this river which originates from Amarkantaka was Narmada. The word Narmada means blissful. The word Narmada is made up of two words, the first soft and the second da. Soft means happiness and da means giving.

History behind the origin of Mother Narmada

There are many stories behind the origin of the river Narmada, about which we will all know below. Let us know the history behind the origin of Narmada river.

As you were told, Mother Narmada originated from the summit of Amarkantaka. Where is the origin of Mother Narmada known as Michael of Amarkantak peak? So this is the reason for mother Narmada Mackay girl Also known by name.

A detailed description of Mother Narmada being called Mykal Kanya is given in the Skanda Purana under Reva Khand. The current from the source of Mother Narmada flows through the rocks of the mountains, flows through the marble rocks at Bhedaghat and meets the sea.

It is also said that Mother Narmada rises from the Shivling in the beautiful lake of Amarkantaka. The sacred flow of the river Narmada flowing from the Shivling Rudra Kanya Is known as. Mother Narmada emerges from a small lake and then takes on a huge form. As sacred as Mother Narmada is to Mother Ganga and other places, it is also said in many Puranas that Mother Narmada is a more sacred river than Mother Ganga.

There are more than 10 crore pilgrimage sites from the summit of Amarkantka to the source of Mata Narmada between Sagar Sangam. There are many places of pilgrimage on the banks of this holy river which have special significance in themselves. Built on the banks of Mother Narmada, these shrines are always crowded with devotees. Some of the major pilgrimage sites built on the banks of Mata Narmada are Kapildhara, Dudhdhara, Mandhata, Shoolpadi, Shuklatirtha, Bhedaghat, Bhadaunch etc.

Mother Narmada leaves her native place from Amarkantak and reaches Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh.

According to Indian tradition and ancient beliefs, there is a special provision for circumambulation of Mother Narmada. Millions of devotees come every year and they attain merit by circumambulating Mother Narmada. In mythological beliefs, it is said for Mother Narmada that just by seeing the river Narmada, all the sins of the devotees are washed away and they get new life.

After leaving the original place of Mother Narmada, on reaching Bhedaghat near Jabalpur, there is a Narmada waterfall, which is very famous. According to the Padma Purana and the Matsya Purana, the rivers Ganga and Saraswati meet at Kankhal, which is considered a very sacred place. No matter the village or the forest, the river Narmada is considered sacred everywhere. The mere sight of the river Narmada removes the sorrows of the people and bathing brings liberation from sin.

According to Vishnu Dharmasutra, the most mythical scripture in India, all places of Mother Narmada are considered worthy of Shraddha. Mother Narmada originated from the Shivalinga of Lord Shiva, hence the sacred place of Mother Narmada originating from Amarkantaka is also called the abode of Maheshwar and his wife. Where does mother Narmada go to her ancestral daughter because the ancestors of the people who do research on the river pilgrimage get salvation.

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Other stories related to the origin of Mother Narmada (Narmada river story)

There are many types of stories related to the origin of Mother Narmada, which are told below, so let’s learn about some special stories related to the origin of Mother Narmada.

Why did Mother Narmada vow to remain a virgin?

Like I told you all that Goddess Narmada was the daughter of King Mekhal. Once Aaja Maikhal married Goddess Narmada to Sonbhadra. Mother Narmada longed that she should meet the prince once, so she gathered her friends and conveyed her message to the prince through her friend Juhiya. A long time passed but the princess’s girlfriend Juhia did not return. So the princess became very worried about her friend Juhia and she went in search of Johia.

The princess reached Sonbhadra in search of her friend and there she saw Juhiya with Sonbhadra. Seeing this, the princess became very angry and then she vowed to remain a bachelor for the rest of her life and returned from there in the opposite direction. Today, Mother Narmada joins the Arabian Sea, while other rivers in India join the Bay of Bengal. For this reason, mother Narmada had taken a vow to remain a virgin.

Mother Narmada is said to be the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh

Mother Narmada has been called the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh since ancient times. The river Narmada rises from the summit of Amarkantka and flows from east to west. From Amarkantak, the river Narmada joins the Arabian Sea in the Gulf of Khambhat. The Narmada River is the third longest river in India.

Mother Narmada works to make Madhya Pradesh important for the lives of these people from the point of view of Madhya Pradesh and tourism. Hence, this is the reason why Mother Narmada is called the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.

Why is Mother Narmada circumambulated?

Mata Narmada is the first river in India to circulate. According to many texts, the origin and importance of Mother Narmada is described in detail. According to many legends, human sins are erased only by the darshan of Mother Narmada and not only that, Mother Narmada is the first river in India to circumambulate.

It is said that whoever circumambulates Mother Narmada, all the sorrows and griefs of that person are removed and after death that person gets direct heaven i.e. salvation.

Why does mother Narmada go where Avinashi is

In many scriptures we find that Mother Narmada originated from the sweat of Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva was not even given the name of Mother Narmada. After this it is also said that Mother Narmada performed penance for Lord Shiva for thousands of years and Lord Shiva was pleased with Mother Narmada and also gave her darshan.

Many blessings have been given to Mother Narmada by Lord Shiva. Mother Narmada also has the gift of being indestructible, meaning Mother Narmada is indestructible in any flood.

There is one such river in the whole world, which is indestructible. The stones found in Narmada are also blessed with Shivlinga. This is why the Shivlinga found in Mother Narmada can be worshiped without any prestige.

Frequently Asked Questions

The river Narmada flows through which state?

The main river flowing in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh is Narmada.

What is the other name of Narmada?

The river Narmada is also called Reva.

Where does the river Narmada originate?



We hope you all enjoy this important article written by us. If you found some information in the article written by us and you liked it, please share it and if you have any suggestions regarding this article, please let us know in the comment box.

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