Best 50 Story For Kids In English

In this article we are going to tell you about  Stories For Kids in English. You must have heard these stories from your grandparents in childhood. These stories are very informative and educational. You will learn many good things from these Naitik English Stories. Which you can use in your life to get success. These stories are very interesting. Reading which you and the children will enjoy a lot.

Some of these New moral short stories in English 2021, have been given. So that you feel new. If you are tired of reading old stories. Here we are giving you the best 50 Moral Stories in English for kids.

Story For Kids In English – 1 : Cursed Prince

A king was ruling in the city of Vijay. He had no children. He did a lot of chanting, but nothing happened to the child. So both the king and the queen were always sad. Once a sorcerer disguised as a monk came and said to the king, ‘If you promise me, I will give you two sons.’ The king said, ‘I will do whatever I want to have a child.’ Then the monk said, ‘You will have two sons soon, but you must give them to me when they are ten years old.’ The king thought that ten years was a lot of space, and he promised to give the monk sons after ten years.

According to the sage, the king had twin sons. The boys were observant and smart. The king and queen did not even know when ten years had passed. And one day the monk came to the palace and asked for the boys. The king refused to give the children, but the monk dragged them away by the force of Maya. He took the children to the forest. He taught the eldest son the king and the youngest the sorcerer.

Here the king and queen started looking for children. Coincidentally, they found the youngest son by the river. The king and queen said to him, ‘Come with us.’ The boy wanted to go with them, but the monk kept a close eye on him. The visit of the king and queen and the children did not escape his notice. He was very angry. He cursed them and drove them away.

But now in the mind of the second child, the desire to become a great king became stronger than to become a famous magician. She would not let him sit still. Then one night he took the form of a horse and ran away. He returned to his kingdom. He said to the king and queen, ‘Mother and father, listen carefully to what I say. Never give my reins to anyone. ‘

The next day the king and queen took the eldest prince to a king for sale. The king bought the horse for five hundred gold coins, but the king and queen refused to give the reins to the king. At night the prince returned to his parents. They got the money and got the horse too.

He was looking for a monk boy. He learned about the horse. He went to the king and queen and asked for five hundred gold pieces. He gave the reins to the monk. The monk took it and left. The horse knew everything. Then he had to go after the owner of the reins.

The monk took him to the river. He wanted to bathe there. After going to the river, the horse took the form of a fish and jumped into the water. The monk caught the fish. At that moment, a ghari grabbed him and picked up the fish. At the same time, the monk became a rabbit and followed Ghari. Frightened, Ghari threw the fish down.

The fish luckily fell into a princess’ garden. The princess was sitting at the window. That fish became the prince. The prince told her his whole story. Seeing the form of the prince and hearing his story, the princess fell in love with him. She married him. After that, the prince became a necklace of pearls. The princess always wore that necklace around her neck.

One day the monk came to the palace and told the king that he was experimenting with magic and sorcery. The king put up a tent. Crowds of people gathered to watch the game. The game was really amazing. The king was pleased and asked the monk, ‘What do you want?’ Asked.

The monk said, ‘King, give me your daughter who wears a necklace of pearls.’ The princess refused to give the necklace, but when her father told her later, she threw it on the ground. With that, the necklace broke and the pearls were scattered.

When the pearls were scattered, the monk took the form of a hen and before he could swallow a pearl, the pearls took the form of a cat and grabbed the hen and killed it. At the same time, the prince appeared in his true form. And all the people rejoiced. They greeted him warmly.

Story For Kids In English – 2 :What God looks like

Little Madhav was studying in primary school. One day at school, the class teacher told the children about Dhruv Bala. He realized that Dhruv Bala had met God in the forest. Madhav asked Bai, “How big was Dhruv?” Bai replied, “He was your age.”

Madhav’s thought cycle started. Can i see god But how is Ran? An older boy at school said that there are big trees in the forest. The second child understood that there is a big park near the village, there are a lot of trees. Madhav assumed that God would definitely meet there.

One Sunday he went home for a walk in the park with a friend. Mom gave a bag of laddu and a bottle of syrup.

Madhav walked alone and reached the park outside the village. Exhausted from walking, he sat down under a tree. Hungry, he opened the bag to eat laddu. Suddenly, under the tree in front of him, he saw an old man. Feeling very hungry. Madhav brought him a laddu. The old man took the laddu and looked at Madhav and smiled. Madhavala’s smile looked very beautiful.

He wanted to see this smile again. He brought the syrup to the old man. This time the old man smiled more beautifully. Madhav was giving laddu and syrup to the old woman till evening. The smile on the old man’s face was more open. As it was getting dark, Madhav left to go home. The old man lovingly took him in his arms. Madhav was very happy.

As soon as he reached home, his mother saw his happy posture and asked, “I think the trip was great.”

Madhav replied that he had parted ways with God today. He was smiling so nicely. I have never seen such a smile.

The old man in the park also happily went home. The boy asked, ‘Baba, how are you so happy today?’

Short Story For Kids In English -3: Gurupadesh

A disciple used to come to a Guru every day and say give me Gurupadesh. At that time, the Guru would say, ‘Come tomorrow.’ When he came tomorrow, he would say, ‘Come tomorrow.’ .

Because no one is right. Same the next day! The same on the third day! Finally he boldly asked, ‘Sir, I come alone, why do you say how many people you bring along?’ He said, ‘Hey, what’s on your mind? There is work, there is anger, there is greed, there is temptation, there is lust, there is jealousy, there is arrogance! ‘ What to do now The phenomenon we embrace is called the sixth ripu, Samarth! Then he realized that all this should be removed from the mind! At that time you will get Gurupadesh.

Story For Kids In English -4: Pencil is a life

Grandma, what do you write? Do you write stories for me Pinto asked. Yes, he writes for you! But the pencil with which I write is more important than my writing. Grandma said. ‘Huh! What a thing! ‘ It’s always the same. ‘What’s so special about her?’ Pintu said. ‘Hey, this pencil teaches you how to behave in life, how to live.’ ‘Grandma, what is this pencil going to teach? Pintu asked. Look at this, first thing! The pencil writes, but the hand that writes it is different. So it is with humans! Why only human beings, the creator of all other creatures and all creation is someone else. That is what we call the Lord.

Secondly, she has to sharpen her pencil from time to time while writing. She must have felt pain and sorrow during the hour, but after enduring it, she started writing again. There are joys and sorrows in our life too, but if we get out of it without wavering, then this pencil teaches us to live anew with the first hope.

Third, sometimes the writing has to be erased and corrected. We also make mistakes, but we have to accept them and correct them.

Fourth, why a pencil is good or bad is not clear from its appearance. Lead inside wood is important! Also, it is important for a person’s inner self to be pure and strong!

Fifth, and most importantly, the pencil disappears on its own for the second, but leaves behind what we have written. Also, when a person leaves, he should leave his mark, his memory behind. As Samarth said, “Marave pari kirtirupi urave”, we have to see how our deeds remain behind us. So it tells you, be like this pencil!

Story For Kids In English – 5: Elderly advice

One was a village, in that village a boy got married, the girl was from a neighboring village. The wedding was to take place in a neighboring village. Both the houses were preparing for the wedding. The young men decided not to take any old man to the wedding so as not to cause quarrels and insults in the marriage.

The carriages were ready to go to the wedding. As planned, everyone left the house and went to a neighboring village. There was a wise grandfather in the village. They first went to a neighboring village and disguised themselves in a temple there.

As planned, the bridegroom’s guests came to the girl’s house. His daughter’s family welcomed him with open arms. The men on the girl’s side noticed that none of the guests were elderly. This did not sit well with them. So to make fun of the bridegroom’s people, the girl’s father told the groom’s men, ‘Before we give the girl to the bride, the groom should fill a well and give her oil. ‘

The bridegroom was very surprised to hear this request. Dad! Where to get so much oil now? Everyone started talking among themselves. Everyone in the groom thought but no one could find the answer. What to do! If you want to break up the marriage, when you go back to the village, everyone will have names! Everyone’s mouths went down. Who would have thought that it would be better if we brought a big man with us!

Meanwhile, his village grandfather came there in disguise. He asked, “Why, Baba, why are you all sitting in the wedding hall with your mouths shut?” One of them said,

“What can I tell you?” The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. Where will this oil come from? If the marriage is to be dissolved, the people of the village will give their names when they return, it is not clear! “

Grandpa asked, “Why don’t you have a great man to advise?” ”

“No, yes, he is now regretting that he was left out on purpose.”

“Good! Let the answer go to the girl’s father as I advise you.

“Say, our oil well is ready to be filled. Dry your water well to get it poured. “

“Grandpa, where do you have the oil well?”

“If you go, tell me.” See if their well is dry? ”

The groom’s men told the girl’s father. The girl’s grandfather smiled and said bring those who suggested the answer.

The grandfather followed the groom’s men. The girl’s men forced her to sit down with dignity. And when they had finished, they took off their robes, and the men were amazed. He was one of them. All the groomsmen greeted them. From now on, we will consult older people. The marriage took place in Thattamat. The next time any work was done in that village, the old man would say, “We are not, Baba will come with you to the wedding.”

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