Best 16 Speech on Unity is Strenngth For student

We all know that there is strength in unity and without unity human civilization cannot develop. If we want to progress and develop as a nation then it is extremely important to live in unity. This is such an important topic that we often see students and popular leaders speaking on the subject. So considering the relevance of the people to this topic, we have covered the following speeches which you can definitely use as a reference point.

Long and Short Speech on Unity is Strength

speech 1

Greetings from my side to all my dear students!

This is a really troublesome situation for me as I hear from other teachers about conflicts and conflicts between students in my class. As your class teacher, it is my responsibility to prevent you from doing this. The reason I take your extra time is to prepare you on the practical front and teach you a lot apart from your school curriculum. Although in the beginning I was very angry and my aim was to call each one of you parents and scold you against them but later I realized that these increasing cases of violence are on your side besides your studies on my side. This could be due to my inability to devote enough time and also my carelessness.

So today I am here in unity, but I am in front of you all to deliver a speech. I am sure you all understand the importance of unity as you have matured enough now. What didn’t happen? And if you understand then you must also understand that these fights and fights are absolutely baseless as they only spoil the situation and spoil the beauty of any relationship. Third, any outsider can take advantage of fights and clashes between two persons. Have you not heard the story of an old farmer who had three sons?

The story went like this – An old farmer who was on the verge of death had three sons who used to quarrel a lot among themselves. One day he called all his sons and gave each one a piece of wood to break. Every son managed to break the wood. Then he gave a bundle of wood to his eldest son and asked him to break it. He could not do so and likewise the farmer gave the same bundle of wood to his remaining sons who failed to break it.

Then he said to his sons, “Just as anyone can easily break a wood, it is easy to destroy a person, so if you all choose to live apart after my death, no one can take advantage of your situation.” can pick up and harm you. But if you all choose to be together like this bundle of wood, then none of your enemies can harm you”. Hearing this, all his sons promised to be together for the rest of their lives. Thus we can say that the teaching of the story is strength in unity.

This situation applies to all of you too. If all my students live in unity then no one will be able to point a finger at my class and take advantage of your weak position. Actually all of you should live in harmony and if any situation of conflict comes in front of you then try to resolve it peacefully. No fight can be so big that it cannot be resolved through discussions. Discussion proves to be really helpful because then you can find a solution to avoid such problems which makes life quite peaceful. Always remember never to become a laughing stock of others and always try to keep the situation calm with non-violent means.

Now I sincerely hope that each of you have taken my words seriously and will try to implement it in your life as well.

Thank you!

speech 2

Respected Principal, Vice-Principal, Teachers and my dear classmates – Good morning to all of you!

I, Swati Singh, a student of class-11th, have prepared a speech on “Unity is strength” which I want to present to you all today. You will be surprised on the occasion of today’s speech ceremony but first let me clear my doubts. It is not necessary that there is strength in unity but to talk about it but after considering the increasing cases of violence and terrorism at large in our state and country, I felt a desire to talk about unity and to engage my fellow students in the discussion. Got my mind Apart from this we get to see many violent cases of disintegration all around us and realize that these people are becoming really angry and losing social and moral values. This is the right time to sit down and realize where we are headed.

Our country India is known as a multicultural land where people from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds live in harmony. However the irony of the situation is that our own country is full of increasing incidents of communal violence, quarrels, terrorist activities etc.

Every day we hear about horrific incidents of violent behavior in the news. Many innocent people lose their lives due to bloodshed. This is the right time when we remember the old proverb unity is strength and stop violence on our motherland. Do we not know that “by unity we survive, by division we fall”?

Our country will not emerge as a strong and developed nation until its sad condition gets better and people understand that violence does not solve any problem but increases it. Apart from this, man is also a social animal and he cannot live in isolation. He will need others to validate his existence. One man cannot do everything. He cannot handle many things at a time. He needs the support of others to handle other tasks. For example, if a teacher teaches the students, who will grow the crops and feed the people, who will sew clothes, who will take care of the patients, who will guard the borders of our country.

So it’s definitely unity and team-work. No person’s life is possible without the help of other people. So everyone should work in harmony and cooperate and encourage each other. If people remain rigid and inconsistent then the foundation of our society will fall and our country will never be able to build an independent image of itself as a strong nation like the powerful countries of the world. Unity gives strength to every individual and helps to build a mighty nation. On the contrary, violence and sad situation weakens the country and leads it to backwardness.

Let us sensitize ourselves towards this serious issue and take a pledge to free our motherland from acts of violent and barbaric behavior.

Thank you.

speech 3

Dear Society Members – Greetings from my side to all of you!

I wholeheartedly welcome all of you to the clubhouse of my society and thank everyone for organizing today’s function. Though I have completed three years as a secretary of Radhakrishna Society but still it feels like all this happened just a day ago. I still have so much energy left to work more and more towards the development of my society and make it better every passing day.

Though I cannot take full credit as all the members of the society have always been very cooperative in all the matters- be it about organizing any function, depositing the money of the society on time, facing any crisis situation etc. be in I have always got everyone’s support. These three years have been so important and good that I can proudly say that Radhakrishna Society is the best among all the societies in our neighborhood. Not because we have maintained our campus well and organized various functions throughout the year but also because there is unity among our people and whenever exam situation comes we all stand united and always stand together. Huh. We have never given importance to the disputes or conflicts of the relationship we share with each other.

So considering today’s occasion, I want to give a speech on “Unity is Strength”. This saying is quite soulful which means being together is a source of strength. The above proverb is universal in general and can be applied to any family, community or country at large. It means that if we stay united then we are strong and can overcome any difficult situation.

The principle of unity spreads the feeling of happiness and peace in both the society and the nation and at the same time teaches kindness. In fact the word ‘Unity’ is apt as it defines our society where we live in unity and harmony. Of course, we had differences at times but we managed to resolve these situations by discussing and understanding each other’s point of view.

This old saying is prevalent from the time when civilization was not even born. Initially man lived a separate life. Gradually families were formed and they realized the importance of living together as a result of which man started forming societies and communities. However, the “Law of Strength in Unity” teaches each individual to be together and apart and the importance of standing up for each other honestly when the need arises. If a person refuses to accept or obey the personality of another person, then a state of anarchy arises. For example, if any member in a family becomes rebellious, he spoils the internal environment of that house. Similarly, if any group or individual in the society or nation turns away from its responsibility, then the decline of that society cannot be stopped.

Tolerance, spirit of sacrifice, love, compassion, affection, humility, kindness are the pillars of a society and if any pillar shakes then the whole foundation of the society shakes. Therefore this pillar becomes the responsibility of every person in the society so that these pillars do not move and can ensure happiness, peace and prosperity everywhere. So let us first appreciate our ability to make our society better and never deviate from it and then pledge to uphold the spirit of love and unity in our surroundings and set an example for others.

Thank you!

speech 4

Hello friends – Welcome all of you to my house party!

I am extremely happy at this moment and I cannot hide my happiness as we are all meeting after a very long time. Though we are always in touch over the phone and meet each other sometimes but the whole group is not able to meet. So today I am very happy that we are meeting each other as a group under one roof after many years.

Our friendship has always been very special and our group was the subject of envy not only for our classmates but also for the entire college. There were other large groups of students in the college as well but it was only a group of seven that always attracted the attention of the greater number of people. am i not right? The way we loved each other during our college days, we also fought with each other but never parted. We remained united even in the worst possible scenario and that is the only reason why we are still together after finishing our college five years ago.

You must be wondering why I am giving a speech on unite! We may not realize it but I would like to tell you guys that this is one of the biggest strengths of any relationship. We all know that “Unity has strength” and people of any society will not unite then that society may face huge problems. So we must realize the prime strength of our relationship and find the source of our life, namely our desire to be together in unity or any compelling circumstances, so that we can enjoy it for the rest of our life.

Actually after giving enough knowledge on this matter to the corporate sector or outside world I have come here for our friendship and if we can be an example to others and spread the message of unity and solidarity then the world will become heaven in itself . No matter where we go, if our family and loved ones have the quality to stay united then we should try to implant this quality in humanity at large.

My inner soul is shaken after seeing the increasing incidents of violence, murder, street fights etc. Apart from these horrific incidents, day by day I find people to be domineering, clever and fighting, who can harm another person for their selfish purposes. It is so unfortunate that our country which was a perfect symbol of “unity in diversity” is facing cases of bloodshed and warnings of killings of human beings. It is high time that we teach ourselves the value of compassion, love, humility and tolerance and understand that conflict or war only brings ruin rather than improving the situation.

Only by staying united can we understand its importance and prevent our society from falling into that deep abyss from where no one can come back. I hope that our friendship will grow stronger and stronger with the passage of time and we will continue to spread the message of unity and solidarity.

Thank you!

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