Best 18 Speech On Obesity In English For Students And Children

Speech on obesity In English For College Students

Hello friends – Good morning to all of you! Today I am going to address you on a very important topic i.e. obesity, due to which people are suffering a lot in the present time. First of all I want to know how in your opinion a person can be classified as obese. Perhaps the person whose weight is more i.e. more than the actual size of his body.

In precise words, obesity status is defined as body mass index (BMI) which is a general formula that compares height and weight to estimate the amount of fat in the body. For example, if someone’s BMI is between 25-30 kg per square meter, then he is considered overweight. On the other hand if someone’s BMI is more than 30 then that person is considered obese.

It is really unfortunate that the word obesity has become very common in today’s time. Currently, 30 per cent of children and 25 per cent of adults in the UK are considered obese, costing the National Health Survey around £1 billion each year. The obesity rate in our country, that is, in India, is certainly alarming as almost one person in every second household is obese. The problem of obesity is closely related to our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits.

The recommended calorie intake for men is three thousand five hundred, while it is two thousand calories for women. While thin people exercise regularly, those who are overweight do not make any effort to bring their weight under control. According to the BBC report, three out of four obese people do not do any physical work during the whole week. As far as kids and young people are concerned, they are more engaged in different video games like ‘Play Station’ and ‘X Box’.

Due to playing video games, they spend most of their free time indoors and avoid going out or doing physical activities. So I think the government should take some proactive steps regarding the increasing number of children with obesity. According to me, any common person walks on the path of obesity from his childhood. A child mostly eats the things that his parents give him to eat. I am sure if they are given healthy food or made a habit of eating healthy food then they will never turn towards unhealthy food habits and will always be conscious of their health.

I am sure that if people get awareness about how to lose weight and why it is important to lose weight, then a change can definitely come in our society. Then they will not have to live in fear of any disease or obesity. Only a fit body and a sound mind can lay a strong foundation and work towards a better tomorrow. So let’s make many people aware on this issue and try to encourage them for healthy eating habits.

Short Speech on obesity In English

Respected audience and my dear children – Greetings to all! Today I am going to address a topic called obesity. At present, the number of people suffering from the problem of obesity is increasing. Inactive lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, coupled with desk-chair jobs, have contributed to the growing incidence of obesity. Obesity is described as a condition in which body weight increases due to accumulation of excessive amount of fat in the body.

This unnecessary fat can be accumulated due to unhealthy lifestyle, genetics problem or a sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays obesity has become a serious issue in the healthcare sector and most of the countries are grappling with this problem. Due to new technology and lack of control over people’s eating habits, the rate of obesity is increasing rapidly in the world. Though there are many reasons which contribute towards the increasing cases of obesity but the main issue has always been laziness and absence of physical activity.

The effects of obesity cannot be ignored because obese people are compromising on their health and that is why various health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer diseases, arthritis etc. are increasing. It starts decreasing and they also start falling prey to depression. The number of people who are overweight has increased tremendously and it is high time that we tackle this condition with caution and give serious attention to it.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technological advances of science, there are now many better ways to reduce the condition of obesity. One of the popular treatments to reduce obesity is the intake of pills and drugs that can help curb your appetite. People also resort to surgical methods for more severe cases. Two methods are common first gastric banding or stomach stapling where bands or staples are used to dilate the stomach. There is another method called Roux-en-Y which helps in making the stomach thinner. These treatments may sound simple but they can also harm the patient. All these things cause the same effect i.e. for the person to consume less food.

If you eat less food then less calories go inside the body which reduces the level of obesity. Diet pills are not recommended because it is believed that they have some side effects and they can also cause bone diseases and some gallstones but if the method corrects the body type then it can be of great benefit to the person. Because its benefits can be estimated to reduce 50 percent excess fat in a period of 12-18 months.

Even though science can help curb obesity levels, it also has some limitations. Despite all the medicines available, it all depends on the type of body and what is the benefit to it. However, whatever the situation may be, healthy eating should be a habit. It is essential and can do wonders if exercise and healthy eating become a habit. that’s all I can say! Thanks. – Speech

Speech on childhood obesity

Good morning guys – how are you all? First of all, I would like to thank you all for gathering in the hall and primarily participating in this session. Believe it or not, obesity has become a serious health condition and is a major cause of concern these days. It is obesity that gives rise to other major health issues of the body and makes life miserable.

Thus obesity is a growing health problem not only in our country but also globally. Obesity is described as a condition where one becomes so overweight that it becomes a threat to his/her health. This condition is typically caused by overeating, especially because of unhealthy food and lack of exercise. In modern times the availability of increasingly low cost and high calorie food items like junk food or fast food which contains high amount of sugar, salt, fat and when we add it in our lifestyle it causes complete harm to our body.

delivers. Changing modes of transport and increasing urbanization are other important factors that contribute towards the increasing incidence of obesity. The incidence of obesity has increased rapidly worldwide in the last few decades and it is not surprising that the number of factors responsible for it are very high.

Hence obesity is no less than a serious medical condition that negatively affects various parts of our body. People who are obese or overweight have a higher risk of developing a serious medical condition: diabetes, heart disease, joint and bone disease, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and absence of physical exercise are other factors that contribute to obesity. Huh. These factors are related to lifestyle, genetics and how your body uses energy.

We usually associate obesity with physical but it is actually a medical condition and it needs to be taken care of so that it does not affect the health of a person. The main cause of concern with obese people is that the excess fat tissue in their body requires nutrients and oxygen to survive which in turn requires blood vessels to pump more blood to the fat tissue.

This increases the pressure on the heart as it needs to circulate more blood with the help of additional blood vessels. When more blood circulates, more pressure is placed on the arterial vessels. The increased pressure on the arteries increases the flow of blood pressure. In addition, excess weight can increase the risk of heart palpitations and reduce your body’s ability to circulate blood through the veins.

However this condition can be avoided as people do not become obese overnight. This condition gradually builds up when energy intake is high during any physical activity of energy. So try to reduce your excess food and unhealthy food habit to make a healthy body. Thanks! –

Best Speech on obesity In English Language

Dear Friends – Greetings to all of you! I welcome everyone to today’s speech function on the topic of obesity. Since many of us are facing the problem of obesity. And we are not paying attention to our weight and food habits, hence becoming victims of obesity,

it is extremely important to address this issue in public and express their concerns. Also through such celebrations or programs we want people to become more aware about the serious effects it can have on our body. Nothing is impossible provided we do anything with full determination and honesty.

Even the problem of obesity can be overcome if we maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep an eye on our food habits. Apart from this, if we also add a little exercise to this effort, then it will benefit our body a lot. For this you have to make efforts on your part. Unless you do this, you will not get the fruits of your hard work. Since today’s topic is obesity, then let us first understand what is obesity.

Obesity is classified as a condition of body fat i.e. having more fat than your body needs. People who suffer from the condition of obesity are often not influenced by genetic, behavioral and environmental factors that cannot be controlled by diet control. In fact, obesity increases the risk of some serious diseases as well as other associated health problems.

The obesity situation in India has reached very alarming proportions in the present century which has affected about 5 per cent of the population of our country. India is gradually joining the list of developing countries where obesity rate is very high. Processed, unhealthy food is readily available anywhere in our country and even the global food marketplace is inextricably linked with it.

This, which is integrated with the rising income of the middle class, has resulted in an increase in the average calorie consumption of each middle class person, with an increase in households with the above income as well. Obesity status is a serious risk element for heart disease and NGOs such as the Heart Association of India are trying to raise public awareness on the issue.

Believe it or not but because of obesity there is a risk of getting more than 30 serious diseases. People who suffer from this condition are at an increased risk of developing one or more serious health problems that lead to deteriorating health or even early death in extreme cases.

The biggest obesity related diseases are: High blood pressure Diabetes heart disease High cholesterol Gallbladder disease Osteoarthritis stroke Certain cancer diseases Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Sleep apnea and respiratory problems There is a very famous saying that prevention is better than cure.

You are advised to control your increasing weight and avoid getting serious diseases, which can put you in serious medical conditions. Thanks! – Speech

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