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(Speech on Human Rights)The principle of human rights is very important in our life especially in today’s time when exploitation of human beings is increasing day by day. This exploitation is being felt more than ever in today’s time. To understand the basic rights of human beings it becomes necessary for the teachers to give equal importance to the students. The following speeches on human rights are a good reference point for all learners.

Long and Short Speech on Human Rights in English

Speech – 1

Honorable Principal, Vice-Principal, my colleagues and dear students – Good morning to all of you present here!

Using this opportunity, I would like to share my thoughts on human rights and their relevance in today’s world.
Let us first understand what exactly are human rights. To elaborate, human rights are the rights that every person is entitled to on the basis of his birth and nationality. These rights are considered essential for any human being irrespective of his nationality, caste, religion, language etc. Different countries have their own set of legislatively supported human rights to which citizens of those countries are entitled but the basic theme is the same – to provide equal rights to each of their citizens and not to discriminate between them.

The concept of human rights is constantly evolving with the passage of time. There have been some basic principles of the functioning of human society which recognize the importance of every individual having access to certain rights. Society recognizes and respects these rights of the individual.

Old civilizations tried to codify rights as being part of the law. Hammurabi’s Law was the first recorded law for the rights of individuals. However these rights varied from person to person across the society. Although the basic concept was that all citizens are equal, the definition of citizens is quite different and there are many people who do not meet the conditions of citizens and therefore do not have statutory backing for human rights. At different times, efforts have been made by various social reformers and activists to involve more and more people in this concept of citizens.

International laws and principles that began to be formed around the 19th century have sought to define human rights that are enjoyed by each individual irrespective of race, religion or culture. Here the defined ability to be an individual is broader than the defined ability of an individual in the society of earlier times. Efforts to end slavery, fight for equal rights for women, universal adult franchise are some of the efforts that have been made to ensure that every person is eligible to receive human rights by recognizing discrimination as a human being. Human rights have been recognized by virtue of being born in

Most of the countries in today’s world recognize human rights and make it a part of their constitutional provisions. Countries that have not yet recognized the basic equality of all their citizens are trying to bring about change and provide protection for the rights of all citizens to vote. These countries have been facing the challenge of deep stigma and discrimination for many centuries. Implementation and exercise of these rights at the grassroots level still remains a problem. Individuals and in many cases even groups of people are denied their basic human rights. The main reason behind this is the lack of awareness of what rights they are entitled to.

Human rights are universal and everyone needs to be educated for them and they have to understand that it doesn’t matter where they are born and what caste they belong to. Being born as human beings in social life, certain rights automatically become a part of their lives.
Thank you!

Speech – 2

good morning friends!

Please allow me to take this opportunity today and talk about a very important topic that every man should have proper knowledge of and this topic is Human Rights!

How we define human beings today as the concept of human rights is of more recent origin in the context of long human history. Modern thinkers and commentators attribute human rights to being a product of the French Revolution in the 18th century, with liberty, equality and fraternity as central themes for the entire struggle. Although the human will has been a fundamental aspect of the basic rights of all individuals through human history. It is an understanding of the basic nature of human rights that we all should be able to understand and recognize its meaning, purpose and of course importance in the present day.

Modern movements and revolutions such as the American Revolution, French Revolution, colonial rule, anti-slavery movement, women’s rights movement, various freedom movements etc. have a common theme to all. Recognizing the fundamental right of every individual to lead a life of equality and liberty. These movements have helped shape the modern concept of human rights. There are many manifestos, statements, etc. that have been prepared and implemented by various authorities around the world to enforce the human rights of each of its citizens.

The United Nations Organization (UNO) has recognized the importance of human rights by declaring 10 December as World Human Rights Day. It has been adopted since the year 1948. Rights are included as part of human rights which vary from country to country. Modern states around the world have given prominence to this concept of human rights by providing citizenship to the citizens with rights which are backed by the constitution and law. India provides a collection of fundamental rights to its citizens through its constitution. All citizens of India have the right to enjoy these fundamental rights equally and have the right to appeal against the violation of these fundamental rights. Certain human rights such as the “right to life” have global acceptance and can be exercised in any country within legal limits.

The main idea that I want to talk about is the need for all of us to understand the importance of human rights. Its necessity is a duality. The first reason to understand human rights is for ourselves. As citizens of a nation it is of primary importance that we have an understanding of the rights to which we are entitled. It will help us to exercise the rights and fight against any exploitation. This understanding helps to serve a greater purpose as well. It is to recognize the rights of other citizens or the rights of other human beings in the larger context and ensure that we do not infringe on those rights.

Fighting for oneself and understanding the value of others claims to be the basis of the practice of human rights in its true sense.

Thank you!

Speech – 3

Dear friends – Greetings to all of you from my side! I hope you are enjoying today’s day.

Today I am going to address a very important aspect of human life i.e. Human Rights. Human rights are defined as the collection of rights that are fundamental to human existence. Since these rights are universal, people all over the world are entitled to it. Thus apart from having a universal and fundamental dimension, these rights have global appeal as well. These rights enable any person to live without fear or danger. Universalization of human rights without any discrimination is the hallmark of a civilized society. These rights have been formulated keeping in mind the fundamental human demands and needs. Thus human rights have their place in the constitution of every country.

And it is the responsibility of every country to protect the human rights of its citizens and give them freedom to act within their own interest so that the integrity of others is not threatened. Since these rights are bound by universal appeal, the human rights and problems associated with them have become a cause of global concern. In fact the United Nations has adopted the Human Rights Charter and has asked various governments to not only give them their due place in their constitutional bodies but also to ensure their enforcement. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed by the United Nations on 10 December 1948. Contemporary times have seen a growing concern for the protection of human rights.

Human rights issues vary from society to society, while people’s social, economic and civil as well as political rights vary from country to country according to the laws governing people’s rights. Is. For example, the United Nations has taken great interest in working on discrimination against women. Apart from this, racial discrimination is also a major cause of concern under human rights violations. Despite the fact that black people are in the majority in South Africa, they are not exempted from political or social rights as much as white people who dominate black people. Keeping this in mind, this practice of racism has been abolished by the United Nations and a resolution has also been passed in this regard.

Therefore it is the supreme duty of every country to make such laws and create such situations where the human rights of citizens can be protected. Our country is a democratic system in India where apart from freedom of expression, its citizens are also entitled to enjoy basic human rights. These rights are defined as fundamental rights which are an important part of the Indian Constitution.

Our Indian Constitution assures six fundamental rights which are as follows:

• Right to Freedom
• Right to Equality
• Right to choose religion
• Right against exploitation
• Right to Constitutional Remedies
• Cultural and Educational Rights

These human rights are founded on the principles of solidarity, support, development and access of everyone to the common heritage of human beings.

Thank you!

Speech – 4

Honorable Principal, Vice-Principal, Teachers and my dear students – Good morning to all of you!

I want to give speech on Human Rights from Priyanka Vashisht class IX-C. Since social science is my favorite subject and this speech function is the most suitable place where speech on human rights can be given as it is an important part of human existence. Why this is important is because we do not live separately but in a democratic system where everyone has different roles and responsibilities. Apart from this, each one of us is also entitled to certain rights so that we can enjoy our status as human beings.

Rights play an extremely important role in the overall development of human personality in a civilized society. Individual rights are referred to as the conditions under which a person can achieve his goals or ideals by exercising his privileges. If I define human rights, I would like to define it in the words of Harold Joseph Lasky who said, “Rights are in fact that state of social life without which no one can perform at his best”. To put it in simple words, rights are the fundamental requirements for a person to lead a good life which are recognized under the legal code of the country.

Human rights are universal in nature consisting of a legal and moral framework that aims to protect the interests of people from harsh legal, political and social abuse.

The following are examples of human rights:

• Freedom of Movement
• Right to Expression
• Right against exploitation
• Right to choose religion
• Right to associate with any political party
• Right to proper investigation if accused of an offense
• The right not to be a victim of physical abuse
Apart from this there are also some social and economic rights. Let’s take a look at them:
• Right to Education
• Right to work
• Right to a good standard of living
• Right to equal pay for equal work
• Right to Leisure and Leisure

These rights have a moral basis that has found a place in law both at the national and international levels. They are addressed primarily to the government for their observance and enforcement. The main source of modern ideas behind human rights is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations 1948). Human rights philosophy covers such questions as the existence, nature, content, universality and validation of human rights.

However, despite these clearly drawn up collections of rights, many cases of human rights violations have been observed at different places in this world. I firmly believe that a sustainable state of prosperity cannot prevail in any country in a situation where its natives cannot enjoy the human rights that are integral to their existence.

Now I request my other fellow students to join me on the platform and say few words in this regard.

Thank you!


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