Best 19 Speech On Discipline For student And Children

Best Speech on Discipline in English

Respected Professors and Dear Junior Students! I am delighted to welcome my junior students to our esteemed ABC College. All our juniors are looking surprised in this speech function and looks like eagerly waiting for their fresher’s party but let me tell you that our english department has organized this small function to help you And we can get to know each other better and enjoy fresher party too.

As one of your superiors, I am here before you to conduct an interactive session with you and to deliver a speech on discipline. There is also a reason behind choosing a subject called ‘Discipline’. You have come a long way by successfully completing your higher secondary education and now you are ready to start your college life. I’m sure you all know it’s a very fictional world – no restrictions, no dress codes etc. But behind this shiny world – there is a hidden reality too.

Do you know what this is? The coming 3 years of your college life will guide your future. Either in these 3 years you can make your future or you can break it. Overall the point is to enjoy your college life as this time will not come back again and again but also follow that necessary discipline in your life so that your studies do not get affected. Now may I ask you what is discipline? Discipline can be defined as a set of rules and regulations that everyone must follow.

Discipline is very important in our life because to maintain the balance of the society we have to live in certain kind of code of conduct so that we can develop ourselves as a good human being. Discipline is taught to us at home and in our school. In school we make a time table to cover our respective subjects and behave in a proper way. Needless to say that discipline is necessary in every walk of life and it is the foundation of a civilized society.

It not only helps us to be a responsible human being but also helps us to achieve our goals. So if you practice discipline again in life you will not find yourself in disarray. You will be able to manage and enjoy your studies at the same time.

You are like a free bird at the moment, so the college also expects its students to ensure a high standard of discipline and remain faithful to their studies. Please remember that discipline will help you do better in your college studies like you were better during your school days. Wherever you go or whatever profession you choose like teacher, doctor, lawyer, sports etc.

Discipline is necessary everywhere and in all walks of life. It is one of the most important quality of a person. So discipline your college life and strengthen your study method so that you can take out time from your busy schedule to fulfill your roles and responsibilities as a student.

Is not it? Now let me tell you the day of the fresher’s party that all of you are curious to know about – Wednesday of the coming week. Thanks. – Speech

Speech on Discipline In English For College students

Respected principal, respected teachers and my dear friends! First of all, I would like to welcome all of you to the annual function of our school. Every year we celebrate this day with great joy and enthusiasm. While the students are excited to get promoted to the next class, they are also sad to leave the memories of the previous class. I am very happy to have the opportunity to host and deliver this event. The theme I have chosen this year is ‘Discipline’.

Although we all know about the dictionary meaning of the term but how many of us actually follow our inner instinct? Discipline means ‘acting in an ethical manner’. After home, school is our second place where we learn discipline. Discipline is basically the suppression of our base desires and is often equated with self-restraint and control. The disciplined person determines the best course of action irrespective of one’s desires.

Honest behavior is another form of discipline. It can be described as when one’s values and objectives are aligned with one another. School discipline has an important role to play in a person’s life in a positive way. It is a necessary set of actions taken by a teacher if the student’s behavior has hindered the academic activities or the student breaks any particular rule made by the school authorities.

Discipline basically guides the behavior of children, sets limits and ultimately helps them to take care of themselves and others. There are many forms of discipline. The school system makes laws and rules and if any student breaks these rules then they have to face punishment. Which ultimately teaches discipline to the student. School rules may include defining expected clothing standards, social conduct, timekeeping and work ethics.

While the students are required to be disciplined, the teachers should also be careful not to beat the students so badly that they get hurt. It is also called corporal punishment. From many places we get to hear that some teachers indulge in violence in the name of discipline, causing physical and mental harm to the students. Because of this the focus is now shifting away from discipline and all these developments have led to the development of other alternatives. Now many schools are focused on ‘positive discipline’.

It is a model of discipline that emphasizes the positive aspects of behavior. One concept has been found that no student is bad, there is only bad and good behavior. Accordingly you can reinforce good behavior through counseling and examples without hurting the child. People who promote positive topics do not ignore problems but solve problems peacefully. Discipline is also required in our professional life and that is why it is most important.

Just like a company cannot be successful without a proper strategy, similarly we can never be successful without rules and discipline in our life. By following good habits, exercising early, exercising regularly, eating healthy, not indulging in bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol etc., we can stay healthy and fit. Thus it is important that we remain disciplined in every aspect of our life. Thank you.

Speech on Discipline in school– 3

Good morning everybody. My topic for today’s session is what is meant by ‘discipline’ and how important it is for all of us to follow it. What do you all think discipline is? Well I’ll share my thoughts about it until you guys say something. Discipline is a very basic requirement for one’s progress. Being disciplined does not mean that you follow the rules that you are told. It means having self control, ability to adjust oneself according to changing trends and directions. Being disciplined will always give you the real joy of freedom.

Ask yourself is there any student or employee who is disciplined and is never looked at with suspicion. Such a person is always given freedom for his actions as everyone knows that he has complete control over himself and is mature enough to implement the decision. Discipline is essential in all areas of our life. Imagine is it possible for an army to fight without strict discipline? Can an educational institution run without discipline? No! So this proves that discipline is a very important and crucial element of life.

We all need a fixed disciplinary routine in order to function well in our personal and professional lives. We must monitor our every little action. From sleeping to eating on time, the arrangement should be right. Everything needs to be taken into account to lead a healthy and intelligent life. One must control oneself to maintain one’s position in terms of health, wealth and society as a whole.

We develop discipline in ourselves by observing others. From our childhood we have our parents and grandparents watching whom we build our daily routine and day to day activities. I have seen it many times that people who follow discipline get tremendous support from others in times of need. For a progressive and stable life we have to ensure that we follow a disciplined life.

We should act as an inspiration to all who live around us. We will be able to attract good people to us by seeing steady, peaceful, happy and determined towards our work because of the flow of our uniquely disciplined life. Our dedication helps us to move forward for our achievements as a disciplined person is very planned in his tasks and also in his work execution. If you are not disciplined then there is no level of your life which can provide you a healthy happy life.

Practice discipline every day and I assure you from my personal experience that you will get what you want. When you get disciplined in your life, all the difficult things you find will be solved very easily and conveniently. Thank you for taking your time to listen to this important topic. Hope now you will apply it yourself in your life. Take care and good luck!

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