Best 10 Farewell Speech for students by teachers In English

Speech by the students on the farewell of the teacher

Respected Principal Sir, Sir, Madam and my colleagues, my humble good morning to all of you. My name is ……… and I study in class……. Today on the farewell ceremony of my teacher, Mr…………., I want to express my feelings about you. Dear friends, how sad it is to organize the farewell ceremony of our dearest teacher, however, we should not be sad and bid farewell to him happily. You are our best teacher and will always be in our hearts as well.

Today you are our chief guest at this farewell ceremony. I know that, today we all are sad to bid farewell to our dear teacher because we will always miss our dear teacher i.e. you. But I am happy to express my feelings to you. On one hand we are sad but on the other hand we are also happy for such a huge achievement of promotion to the post of your Vice-Principal in some other big institute.

You are our most dedicated teacher who always taught us to follow discipline and rules. You have contributed immensely to the teaching and other creative pursuits of our college. You have made organizing all our events very easy and interesting through your cooperation and creative mind. I still remember my first day in this college, class 9. I was very depressed as it was my first day in this college.

You helped me a lot in that situation and instilled confidence in me. You taught me to be happy and be confident. In fact, I can never forget that moment with you. We very much enjoyed the educational tour of Nainital with you last year. You are the best teacher of our physics who made this difficult and dull subject so easy and interesting.

You changed our approach to teaching by providing effective ways to read. You are like our father, who treats us like a friend in the time of need, like a teacher in the time of studies, however, treats us harshly on our mistakes. You are, in fact, very encouraging in practice and deserve to be promoted. You are very responsible and helpful to everyone and help everyone in completing any task.

Your exceptional qualities make you different from others in college. Thanks. – Speech

Farewell speech for students by teachers

Respected Principal Sir, Vice-Principal, my colleagues and my dear students, good morning to all. It is a very special day, when we are organizing a farewell ceremony for the children of class 12th, 2016. Today on 15th March we have gathered to bid farewell to a large group of students after spending almost 12 years in this school.

All of you have waited for years to go out here and join the college, finally, after such a long wait the day has come when you leave this school and enter the college to give a new look to your future. people. As a class teacher of class 12 students, I want to say something about all of you, what I have felt in these 12 years together. You all really deserve to hear your praises from me because of your gentleness. My dear students, it took us a long 12 years to prepare and shape you all for a bright future.

Over time the teachers also learned a lot along with the students. That’s why I did the same thing, I have seen my childhood grow in you. In order to grow and shape the students, the students and teachers have to put in the efforts together and work together as a force for good results.

Students are the subject of the teacher’s actions, the target of the teacher’s thoughts and the teacher’s efforts. It is true that, we have educated all of you however, it is also true that, we have also learned a lot from all of you. It was a very long journey, however, it passed very quickly due to your strong desire to do better in the future.

This school has seen your childhood and adolescence, and now all of you are poised to enter the youthful stage of life. It was a very difficult task to get you study work in childhood, however, it became a little easier in youth. Whatever we did (whether good or bad), it was a process to shape all of you into good human beings for the future of the country. It was all our responsibility: sometimes we loved and cared for you and sometimes we gave you difficult tasks to complete.

My advice to all of you, my dear students, is to stand on the threshold of this school and don’t look back. Looking ahead and seeing the world moving forward, our best wishes are always with you. My children, the world needs more intelligent youth like you. Success will be on your way. Just keep this in your mind that you are right in all your actions and don’t forget that truth always wins. Use your power to make others happy to please everyone and not to make them unhappy.

Never surrender in any bad situation and have faith in yourself. Go and earn your name, wealth, fame and come back to narrate your success story to us. I would like to say a few words of Swami Vivekananda: “Take a thought and make that thought the essence of your life – think of it and dream of it. Let that thought fill your brain, muscles, cells, every part of your body and leave all other thoughts alone. That is the way to success.” Thanks.

Farewell speech by the principal for the teachers

Good morning everybody. Dear teachers and my students, we have gathered here today to attend the farewell ceremony of Mr. As the Principal of this college (or school), I would like to introduce to you all about the hidden personality of Mr………….. at his farewell ceremony.

Mr……., has been the most responsible person of our college since many years and you have fulfilled all the responsibilities of being a good teacher with full commitment. I am deeply saddened to bid farewell to such a promising teacher of my college today, however fate cannot be changed. You and your hard work will always be in our hearts.

We will never forget the valuable and effective tips you gave during the bad times of college. It seems that just yesterday, you joined the post of teacher in this college and today it is time to take leave from this position so soon. You are one of my dearest teachers in this college. You have also given me suggestions from time to time to take important decisions in difficult situations. You really, deserve to hear your praises from me.

You should be eligible for the post of Vice-Principal and even Principal in any college. You are an inspiration to all of us in our college and these years of your dedication to your position will always be in our memories. It is a matter of honor for our school that the teachers of our college got selected to study in such a big institution. Your success is not luck but the result of your years of hard work and commitment.

This college will never forget the achievements you have achieved during your teaching time and also your contribution in creating the academic environment for the students in this college is unforgettable. You have established a different and wonderful identity in this college only on the basis of your hard work and dedication. Your disciplined and committed actions always made you different from others.

We can also call you a professional teacher, coach, and an efficient administrator with the qualities of a good conversationalist. You are a highly skilled teacher who has always adapted himself to the new changes taking place in the teaching field. You have actively participated in all the curricular activities and extracurricular activities organized in the college campus and have also given your necessary support.

I would like to thank Mr…….., for his love and support for his college. Thank you very much. – Speech

speech by teachers to teachers

Respected Principal Sir, my good morning to all the teachers present here and my dear students. We all know the reason for gathering at this place today, I want to share some things about them in the farewell ceremony of my dear colleague teacher. It is very sad that, our colleague is going to join some other college away from us.

However, I am also very happy with his success that he has been appointed as the Vice-Principal in the new college. You and your work will always remain my source of inspiration. I have enjoyed more friendship with you over the years but never knew when this time passed. These are happy moments for you and we all join in your farewell. It is unbelievable that, I have had a great time with you.

However, it is absolutely true that, it could have been longer. I still remember the first day of your joining this college. You were the first to meet me and ask about the principal’s room. You have been the most humble and well behaved person in your entire study session.

You always came to college at the right time and discipline. You never yourself came late and also encouraged the students to come to the college on time. You are the best teacher of the college who taught us all to be punctual and follow the rules. You are just like my brother who took out some of his precious time for me and sat and talked many times.

You are the most loved teacher of all the students because of your good behaviour, disciplined nature and way of dealing with them. You are always full of ideas as well as adapting yourself to the times which, makes you different from others. In the initial days of your coming here, it took me some time to understand you, but after understanding you, my affinity with you deepened even more.

You educate the students in your own way and according to their needs. You helped us through our tough times and enabled us to face tough situations. You are a source of energy, enthusiasm, honesty, love, discipline and inspiration to all the students. You are leaving behind many of your memories in our mind which will continue to give me happiness. I will never forget the coffee I had with you in the staff room.

In the end, I want to tell you that, I will always be grateful for your encouraging and joyful company. Thanks. – Speech

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