SHADOW AND BONE Summary And Book Review Before the Netflix Show

SHADOW AND BONE Summary And Book Review Before the Netflix Show

Okay So You Don’t Want To Read Shadow And Bone Or You Read It Years Ago And Neither Refresher Or You Started And Never Finished Whatever The Case I Gotcha I’m Going To Give You A Complete Chapter By Chapter Summary So You’re All Caught Up Before The Netflix Show. 


Without Further Ado Let’s Dive Into It I Want To Start With Some Really Basic General Info On The World The Story Takes Place In Ravka Which Is An 18th Century Russia-inspired Setting So Guns Are Just Getting More And More Common The Magic In This World Is Called Small Science And The Magic Users Are Called Grisha Derived From The Name Of Their Patron Saint Gregory There Are Three Main Orders There Is The Material Kai Which Is The Order Of The Fabricators They Can Manipulate Materials There Is Ethereal Chi Which Is The Order Of Summoners This Is Your All Familiar Elemental Magic And The Corporal Kai Which Is The Order Of The Living And The Dead And They Can Manipulate People’s Bodies So They Can Kill You Or Heal You All These Orders Have Sub I Will Talk About The Magic System More As It Appears In The Story Now That We Got That Out Of The Way Let’s Take A Look At The Map Like A Responsible Fantasy Reader As You Can See We Have Ravka Here Surrounded By Shuhan In The South Which Is A Chinese Inspired Setting They Like Experimenting On The Grisha In The North You Can See Fierda Which Is Scandinavian Inspired And They Call The Grisha Witches And They Basically Hunt Them So You Can Imagine Diplomatic Relationships Are Not Fantastic To Say The Least Now Towards The West You Can See This Place Called The Unsee Which Is Also Called The Shadow Fold So That’s Like A Huge Patch Of Darkness With Monsters In It So Ravka Is Surrounded All Around And They Can’t Trade Which Is A Problem Here Across The True Sea There Is Noviazem Which Is African Inspired And In The South Of The True Sea There Is Kirch Which Is Dutch Inspired And The Capital Is Ketterdam That Is Where Sikhs Of Crows Takes Place We Are Not Going To Spend Any Time There In Shadow And Bone All Right That’s All The Preliminary Info I’d Like To Talk About And Now Here Is Shadow And Bone By Leigh Bardugo Before The Servants Called Them Malenchki Little Ghosts The Story Opens With Alina Starkov And Malian Oretsev Living At Duke Karamsov’s Estate Which Is An Orphanage At This Time They’re Around Eight When Three Grisha Arrive Riding A Troika To Test Them Every Child Is Tested By Grisha To See If They Have Any Affinity For Small Science The Grisha Wear Elegant Fur Hats And Wool Keftas One In Crimson One In Dark Blue And One In Vibrant Purple Representing Each Grisha Order So A Corporal Nick An Ethereal Nick And The Material Nick They Explained They Aren’t Witches But Practitioners Of The Small Science They Keep The Kingdom Safe If Alina And Mal Are Determined To Have Grisha Abilities They Would Go To A Special School They Would Have The Finest Clothes The Finest Food Whatever They Desire 


Ten Years Later Mal And Alina Are Soldiers Of The King’s Army So We Know They Were Both Tested Negative In The Grisha Test Years Ago Mal Is An Expert Tracker And The Seducer Of Girls He Has Gotten Handsomer Braver Cockier And Alina Has Gotten Taller She Is A Cartographer Assistant They’re Getting Ready For A Mission To Cross The Shadowfold A Black Slash That Severs Rafka From Its Only Coastline It’s Also Known As The Ansi To Encourage Crossings But That’s No Comfort For Alina The Fold Crawls With Horrors People Who Try To Cross The Fold Face Massive Casualties The Shadowfold Is Home To Creatures Called The Vulkra They Have Long Filthy Claws Leathery Wings And Rows Of Razor-sharp Teeth For Feasting On Human Flesh They’re Blind But Can Smell Human Blood From Miles Away Alina Is Worried Mel Tries To Ease Her Suddenly A Huge Black Coach Roars Past And Mal Pulls Alina To The Side Right On Time It Is The Darklings Coach Some Believe It Was A Darkling That Created The Fold But That Was Hundreds Of Years Ago The Darkling Is The Leader Of The Grisha Raqqa Has Two Armies First Army Is Regular Soldiers And The Second Army Is The Grisha Which The Darkling Leads We’ll Talk More About Him Later  


They’re Traveling On Scents Gifts Which Basically Sail On Sand Ethereal Kai Squalors Wearing Dark Blue Kefta With Silver Embroidery Control The Air Pressure On The Sails Another Sub-order In Ferny With Blue Kefta And Red Cuffs Are There Too As You Might Imagine From The Name They Manipulate Fire They Need The Inferni For Protection Against The Volcara Mel Is There With The Trackers And They Go Into The Fold Once In The Darkness Of The Fold Alina’s Friend Alexi Grabs Her Hand Suddenly Sound Of Wings Flapping The Vulca Attack Hundreds Of Them One Grabs Alexi Mal Shoots At The Volcara Attacking Alina Then It Attacks Mal Alina Stabs It Mal Shoots Again The Volca Attacks Mel He Collapses I’ll Meet You In The Meadow Mal Says As Two Volca Attack Them Alina Shields Him Volca Sinks Its Talons On Alina And The World Goes White Velcro Loosens His Grip And Alina Falls Unconscious  


Alina Wakes Up A Soldier Is Holding A Rifle At Her Also A Corporal Nick Hartrender Wearing Red Kefta With Black Embroidery Is There Heart Renders Are The Offensive Sub Order Of The Corporal Kai They Can Make Your Heart Stop And Kill You From A Distance They Go Back To Krabersk Where The Camp Was She Has No Idea What She Did They Take Her To The Darklings Tent Guarded By Corporal Kai Heart Renders And The Rich Nikki Guards Who Are The Darklings Personal Guards The Darkling Is The Only Grisha Who Wears Black He Looks Young But He Isn’t Mel Is There Too The Cartographer Who’s Alina Supervisor Says That She Just Lit Up The Darkling I Smell What He Had Seen Mel Says Nothing Then The Darkling Asks Alina She Says There Must Be A Mistake Apparently They Think She Is What They Call A Sun Summoner The Darkling Holds To Darkness And Then Grabs Her Arm Then He Cuts Her With A Knife And Light Explodes The Darkling Orders Ivan A Corporal Kai Guard To Take Her To The Little Palace Which Is The Grisha Palace As Opposed To The Grand Palace Where The King Resides I Was Like Come On To Alina But The Darkling Immediately Reprimands Him By Saying Mind Your Tone She Is Grisha Now  


They Think Everyone Will Try To Get To Her So They Try To Take Her Back To Us Ulta A Corporal Kai Healer With Gray Embroidery On Red Kefta Cease To Her Wounds Ivan Tells Her To Give Alina Her Kefta Apparently Grisha Keftas Are Bulletproof There Is Another Guard By The Way His Name Is Federer While They’re On Their Way The Fierons Attack The Darkling Comes To The Aid He Uses His Super Special Power And Cuts A Guy In Two Then Alina Rides With Him  


Their Camping Drinking Fuss with Darkling Kvas Is Going to Be Like the Main Alcoholic Drink In The Series During This Bonding Moment Alina Asks the Darkling How Old He Is And apparently, He’s Like 120. Basically, Using Grisha Power Makes You Stronger He Says His Great Grandfather Was The Black Heretic And He Had Created The Shadow fall They Need Ports To Trade For Weapons and Stuff So They Need To Destroy The Shadow falls Finally They Get To The Little Palace And They Give Her A Nice Room Then She Sleeps  


She Wakes Up To Someone Knocking On The Door A Tall Beautiful Girl With Auburn Hair And Golden Irises Enters She Wears A Cream-colored Kefta Embroidered In Gold And Lined In Reddish Fox Fur She Fixes Her Up And Prepares Her A Bath This Is Jenya Alina Is Supposed To Meet The King So She Needs To Be Prepared By The Way I Say Jenya Because Leigh Bardugo And The Audiobook Say Jenya But A Native Speaker In The Comments Actually Told Me The Correct Pronunciation And Apparently It’s Supposed To Be Zhenya So There You Go I’ll Say Jenia For This Blog Because Again That’s What The Audiobook Says Anyway Jenya Is A Tailor It’s A Unique Grisha Ability It’s Technically Part Of The Corporal Kai Order But She’s Not Wearing Red Basically She Can Adjust The Way People Look So She Fixes The Dark Circles Under Alina’s Eyes And Stuff It’s Not Permanent But It Lasts A Few Days Jenia Says You Don’t Want To Attract Too Much Attention From The King Which Is A Loaded Sentence That We’ll Learn More About Later Alina Enters The King’s Hall And Then All Grisha Orders Are Like She Should Walk With Us Sergei Who’s A Corporal Kai Steps First Then Marie Who’s A Summoner Is Like No She’s A Summoner But Then Suddenly The Darkling Appears And Says She Walks With Me  


There’s A Hierarchy In Grisha Orders So From The Bottom Up It’s Material Kai The Ethereal Kai And Then Corporal Kai At The Highest Rank As I Said Jenya Is Unique And Obviously The Darkling Is Unique The Darkling Announces Her As The Sun Summoner He Calls The Darkness Again But This Time Alina Doesn’t Suppress Herself So She Calls The Light And Everyone Loses Their Minds And Starts Applauding Then Jenny Is Like The Queen Wants To Meet You The Queen Is Like Oh Nice You’re An Orphan Etc And Alina Senses That The Queen Has Some Tension With Jenya There’s Also A Priest By The Way Who Is Called The Apparat We’ll See More Of Him In The Future Too The Darkling Orders Them To Make Alina A Kefta And He Says Make It Black Alina Is Like Actually I Kind Of Want Blue Because I’m Already Like An Outsider Here Then The Darkness Says Fine Whatever Blue It Is This Kefta Color Business Is A Huge Thing So Alina Realizes That White Gold Jenny Wears Is Actually Servant Colors So The Other Grisha Don’t Respect Jenya Jenya Tells Her She Will Be Meeting Bagra For Training Tomorrow Alina Gets Back To Her Room And She Is Emotional That For The First Time In Her Life She Has Her Own Room  


She Gets Her New Kefta And Boots A Kefla Is Basically A Coat Falls To Her Feet Embroidered In Gold Marie Notices Her At The Breakfast Hall And There’s Another Summoner Nadia There Too They Ask Her To Sit With Them It’s Basically Like High School Dining Hall Where Cool People Sit Together Or Something It’s Silly But Whatever So It Turns Out The Grisha Lives A Super Luxurious Life As Opposed To Regular People Later Jenny Gives Her A Tour They See The Material Kai With Purple Kefta When They Pass Through The Fabricated Quarters Jenya Introduces Her To A Nerdy Fabricator Named David Jennya Kinda Likes David David Is Super Awkward They Go To The Summoners Pavilion They See Kids Playing At The Grisha School She Gets The Bagra’s Place It’s Super Hot Inside She Wears A Super Old Kefta With Indeterminate Colors Chapter Nine Bagra Is Like A Tough Teacher She Grabs Alina’s Wrist And Apparently She’s Also An Amplifier So It Helps Alina To Manifest Her Powers After That Alina Goes To Combat Training With Marie And Nadia The Combat Teacher’s Name Is Botkin He Is Not Grisha And No Grisha Ability Is Allowed At The Combat Training He Tells Alina To Come Early To The Training So She Can Catch Up With The Rest Meanwhile The Apparat Is Watching Alina Creepily Ivan Comes And Takes Alina To The Darkling He Asks How Her First Day Was She Tells Him She’s Homesick And They Talk About Mal Too The Darkling Asks If Mal Is A Good Tracker And Alina Says He Is The Best  


Alina Has Been Training For A While She Hasn’t Been Doing Well Bagra Thinks It’s Because She’s Still Suppressing Her Power She Hasn’t Talked To The Darkling In A While Bagra Gives Her Some Details About How Small Science Works The Primary Principle Of Small Science Is Like Calls To Like And Then There Is Odin Covost Which Is The Business Of The Thing That Makes It The Same As Everything Else And Etovos Which Is Thatness Of The Thing That Makes It Different From Everything Else Odinna Kobos Connects To Grisha To The World But Etovos Gives Them An Affinity For Something Like Air Blood Or In Alina’s Case Light The People Born Without Grisha Power Are Called Otkazazia The Abandoned Also Meaning Orphan After The Lesson The Aprat Finds Alina At The Library He’s Like I’m A Spiritual Advisor So Come To Me Anytime He’s Kind Of Obnoxious But He Gives Her A Red Letter Book History Sanctia The Lives Of Saints This Is A Very Important Book And It’s A Book That You Can Actually Buy I Have A Copy Here Here’s How It Looks Inside I Also Have A Full Review Of This Book So You Can Check It Out If You Want To Know More About It But It’s Going To Play A Significant Role In The Series Anyway He Says I Think You Will Suffer More And Leave Also Alina Has Been Missing Mal She Has Been Writing To Him Every Week But She Hasn’t Heard Back  


There’s A Girl Who’s All Over Mal All The Time It’s Annoying To Alina But That Girl Comes To The Hall Her Name Is Zoya She’s A Squaller She Is Super Pretty Wait Let Me Show Her Here On This Poster Here’s Zoya They Also Released Some New Stills And Zoya Is In There Too I’ll Put That Image Here Too So You Can See How She Will Look In The Series Anyway They Introduced Alina To Zoja She Says You Stink Karimsen Which Is Where The Orphanage Was Alina Is Like What The Hell When Zoya Comes To The Combat Class She Used To Be A Star Student Alina And Zoya Spar A Bit And Alina Kinda Takes Her Down But She Gets Up And Hits Her Soups Hard Then Botkin Kicks Soya Out Zoya Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Be The Darklings Favorite They Take Alina To The Infirmary Then The Apron Comes To The Infirmary He Is Like In Some Villages They’re Making Altars For You She Tells Them She’s Not A Saint And He’s Like You’re Becoming Dangerous Because Faith Genius Says The Apparatus Is Creepy But Harmless Alina Asks Jenya To Find Out Where Mal Is  


She Gets To Bargra’s Place And The Darkling Is There Too She’s Like Don’t Patronize Me Boy And He’s Like Don’t Chide Me Old Woman The Darkling Wants To Get Alina An Amplifier He Asks Have You Heard Of Morozova’s Herd Bagre Is Like Yeah She’s Heard Of Unicorns Too Alina Says Just Children’s Stories So It’s Like A White Stag Apparently Kings And Darklings Have Been Searching For The Herd For Centuries The Darkness Says We Can Make A Necklace And Give It To You We Need The Stag’s Power Then He Says I’ve Been Waiting For You A Long Time Alina You And I Are Going To Change The World He Tells Her To Keep It Secret Grisha Can Only Have One Amplifier So The Amplifier And The Grisha Claim Each Other Like Calls To Like Winter Comes Alina Still Can’t Use Her Powers Properly By The Way Jenia Find Out Where Mal Is She Says Mal Is Safe And Elena Can Write To Him In Care Of His Regiment But Elena Is Like I Already Did He Just Doesn’t Write Back So What Happened When They Were Kids When They Came To Test Her They Took Mal To Another Room And She Suppressed Her Power And She’s Like Maybe It’s Time To Let Go Now She Says I’m Sorry I Left You So Long In The Dark I’m Sorry But I’m Ready Now And She Calls The Light And Lights Up The Whole Place Pagra Is Like Good  


 Alina Has Been Using Her Power More And More And She Is Eating And Sleeping Better Buttkin’s Class Is Getting Easier Too Botkin Gives Her A Grisha Steel Knife The Winter Feat Of The King And The Queen Is Coming The Crown Prince Is Going To Be There Too He’s Like Drunk And Hunting And Writing Etc The Queen Wants Him To Find A Bride There’s Also Another Younger Prince They Call Him Sabachka Meaning Puppy There Are Rumors That Maybe He Is A Legitimate He Is Into Shipbuilding And Stuff Jenny And Elena Sneak Into The Queen’s Room And Try On Dresses And Bond Then Alina Goes To Bagra’s Class The Darkling Comes And He’s Like It’s Not Enough She Feels Useless The Darkling Walks Her To The Little Palace There Is No Word From The Stack He Says You’re Not Useless No Grisha Can Face The Fold Then They Bond A Bit And He Says If I Tell You I Still Believe We Can Find The Stag Would You Think I’m Mad And She Says Why Would You Care What I Think He Says I Don’t Know But I Do Then He Kisses Her On The Mouth Then He Steps Back And He’s Like I Didn’t Mean That Ivan Comes He’s Like The Apparat Is Getting Impatient Then They Leave Alina And Go 


Summoners Are Supposed To Put On A Demonstration For The Winter Feat The Darkling Has Disappeared Again She Is Like He Probably Kisses A Lot Of Girls The Average Is Everywhere Though Alina’s New Silk Kefta Should Arrive Soon Jenya Comes She Tells Her The Darkling Is Back From Wherever He Was Jenya Also Says We All Feel The Pull To The Darkling The Kefta Arrives And It’s Black With Gold Embroidery With A Sun And Eclipse Golden Charm Jenya Takes Her To A Chamber And Zoya Is There And She Kicks Soya Out And Zoya Sees The Black Kefta And Gets Super Upset Jenny Is Like Be Careful Of Powerful Men And Elena Asks What Happened Between You And The King Jenya Says He Has His Way With A Lot Of Servants At Least I Got A Lot Of Jewels Out Of It She Says The Darkling Is As Much Of A Slave To The Whims Of The King As The Rest Of Us At Least For Now And Alina Is Like For Now She Sees Duke Karimso At The Winter Fate The Guy Doesn’t Remember Her It Kind Of Hurts Alina She’s Like I Wish Mal Was Here While She Is Watching The Show The Darkling Creeps In Iowa Says Something And The Darklings Says Take Them To The War Room I’ll Be There Shortly He’s Kind Of Happy He Says Let’s Give

The People What They Want He Slams His Hands Together And He Says Now To Alina The Beam Bounces From Molina’s Hand To The Fabricator Mirrors And The Darkling Calls The Darkness Making Them Dance Thenalina Slams Her Hands Together And Light Explodes And Everyone Gasps Then She Lets Go And Everyone Goes Crazy Applauding After That The Darkling Takes Her With Them Into A Room And Starts Kissing Her Again They’re Basically Like Horny Teenagers He’s Like Ivan Said We Spotted Morozova’s Tag I Should Be Doing That But I’m Not Am I Says The Problem With Wanting Is It Makes Us Weak And Just When They’re About To Do The Thing Some People Come To The Hole And Stuff Then He Leaves And He’s Like You Go To The Party But I Won’t And He Asks Can I Come To You Tonight She Freezes Then He Leaves Then She’s Like No I Didn’t Say Anything When She Leaves The Party She Passes In Front Of The Darklings Room Sees Soldiers Leaving And Boom Mal Is There She Has Mal She Hugs Him He Tells Others To Go On Without Him She Says What Are You Doing Here Then She Realizes He Was The One Who Tracked Down Morozoa’s Herd He’s Like I Didn’t Get Any Letters He Says I’ve Been So Worried About You He Changed He’s Weary He’s Also Jelly He’s Like Are You Happy Here With Him He’s All Over You With Jewels And Clothes Then He Leaves She Cries And Lets Him Go  


Bagra Comes By Her Room She Is Like Come With Me Now She Takes Her Through A Hidden Door Takes Her Into An Empty Chamber Gives Her Clothes And She Says You Must Leave This Place She Says I Told Him I Didn’t Believe In The Stag Hoping It Would Stop Him But He Is Close To Finding It He Will Use The Fold As A Weapon She Says The Darkling Will Expand The Fold He Never Intended To Destroy It He Created The Fault He Is The Black Heretic And Bagra Is His Mother She Says The Only Mistake Was The Vulkra The Volcara Used To Be Men Apparently The Walker Keeps Him From Using The Fold He Will Use Alina’s Power To Subdue The Vulkra She Tells Alina To Run He Will Hunt The Stag Kill It And Place The Bones Around Alina And He Will Control Her Alina Asks Her What To Do  

SHADOW AND BONE Chapter 16. 

Bagra Says Slip Out Go To The West Find The Verlauren A Curt Traitor She’s Like You Want Me To Cross The Fold But There’s Nothing Else To Do So She Jumps Into A Theatrical Troop Wagon She Gets To Black Rev Then Leaves The Wagon She Keeps Traveling Keeping To Hunter Trails Avoiding The Main Roads She Goes To A Church And Sees People Praying To Her It’s Been A Week Didn’t Look Like People Were Looking For Her A Guy Grabs Her Creepily He Says Let’s Have Fun And Stuff She Flashes Light Into His Eyes She Has These Weird Mirror Gloves I Know They’re Kind Of Dumb But She Has Them Anyway A Soldier Comes Out The Soldier Recognizes Her She Runs The Soldier’s Chase She Jumps Into The River To Hide Her Tracks She’s Soaked Through Everything Is Lost Then Mal Finds Her He Was With The Soldiers Apparently He Gestures Her To Follow He Leads Her They Camp She’s Like Does He Have The Stag He Says No They Can’t Find It Without Me So There’s Something Special About Mal’s Tracking Ability  


She Tells Mel What The Darkling Is Planning Mel Would Have Nowhere To Go After This Too So He Says We’ll Go Find The Stack Ourselves Because The Stack Can Make Her Powerful Enough To Fight Him He Says I’m Not Afraid To Die Elena But I’d Like To Give Us A Fighting Chance They Come To A Village Northwest Of Petrazoid It’s Butter Week And There Are Hundreds Of People Reminds Them Of Their Time At Karamzen They Are At The Village And Having Fun And Suddenly They Get Ambushed By Two Men They’re Being Robbed The Guys See Mal’s Rifle And They’re Like Oh Maybe He’s A Deserter Alina Uses Her Mirror Gloves Again And Shines Light Into Their Eyes And They Get Away They Camp And Bond And Laugh And Sleep 


They Keep Traveling Alina Asks Mal To Kill Her If They Can’t Make It She Says You Can’t Let Them Take Me You Can’t Let The Darkling Own Me He Promises Reluctantly Then Suddenly Gets A Feeling For The Stag They’re Waiting On A Plateau Apparently Some Of Mal’s Friends Were Killed In Fiera While They Were Tracking The Stag And Mal Has Been Blaming Himself For It  


They Spend The Night There Mal Says He’s Sorry For What He Said At The Little Palace Alina Says Sorry Too Mal Says She Looked Happy At The Feet And Elena Says She Was Happy Because She Never Belonged Anywhere Like Mal Did Mal Is Like Did You Miss Me She Says Every Day And Mal Says He Missed Her Every Hour And It Took Him By Surprise There Would Be Small Things He’d Want To Tell Her About Because He’d Want To Hear Her Voice But She Wasn’t There Anymore He Says I’m Sorry It Took Me So Long To See You But I See You Now Then They Kiss The Moment They Kiss Alina Knows She Would Have Waited For Him Forever Then Suddenly Alina Was Like Mal Look Several White Bodies Emerge From The Trees And In The Middle Of The Herd A Massive Stag With Dark Eyes And Silvery Antlers Mal Gets His Bow He Says I’ll Bring It Down But You Have To Make The Kill Alina Is Like Wait The Stag Walks Towards Them Stops A Few Yards Away She Reaches Her Hand And Touches The Stag She Looks Into His Dark Eyes Feels The Earth Beneath Its Hooves The Smell Of Pine And His Nostrils The Powerful Beat Of Its Heart And She Knows She Can’t Be The One To End Its Life Mel Says We Don’t Have Much Time Alina Says No We’ll Find Another Way Then A Soft Whistle Through The Air A Thunk As The Arrow Finds Its Target The Stack Crumples To Its Four Legs And Suddenly Charcoal Clad Oprichniki The Darklings Guards And Grisha Cloaked In Blue And Red Emerge You Should Have Listened To Him The Darkling Steps Out Of The Shadows With A Grim Smile The Stag Has Fallen Breathing Heavily Malus And Arrow At The Stag But A Squalor Deflects The Arrow The Darkling Sends Darkness Rippling Towards Them Alina Shoots Light From Her Fingers And Shatters The Darkness But It Was A Diversion He Suddenly Turns On The Stag And Makes A Gesture Alina Knows Well His Super Ultimate Ability The Cut Alina Jumps In Front Of The Stag The Darkling Turns And Cuts The Tree Instead To Spare Alina The Darkling Calls A Darkness Engulfing Them And The Stack And Elena Calls The Light Surrounding Them In A Glowing Sphere The Darkling Is Impressed He Says You Track Her Are You Ready To Die For Her Then To Alina He Says Does He Know You Were Ready To Give Yourself To Me She Is Not Strong Enough To Hold Any Longer The Darkness Is Leaking She Says Do It Mal He Takes His Knife But He Can’t The Darkness Takes Over Ivan Catches Mal The Darkling Is Like Quiet Or I’ll Have Him Kill Mal Then He Pulls His Knife And Slits The Stag’s Throat Without Hesitation Take The Antlers He Says Then He Calls David She’s Like David Don’t Do This Then He Places The Antlers Around Her Neck And David Makes Them Melt Together Then The Darkling Commands Lights Through Her And She Can’t Stand It The Light Explodes From Her They Burn The Stag And Leave The Woods Left Silent In Their Grief  


They Get To The Darklings Camp Ivan Is Like The Darkling Knows What To Be Done Everyone Dies Fighting The King’s War They’re Heading To Kurbisk Again Near The Fold They Leave Alina And The Coach She Keeps Dreaming About The Stag The Darkling Is Like You Won’t Say Anything About What’s Going On To The Other Grisha Apparently He Didn’t Tell Anyone She Escaped He Says Mal Will Never Understand You He Is Otkazazia There Is No Ordinary Life For People Like You And Me And She Says I’m Nothing Like You He Says If You Say Anything I’ll Torture Mal Marie Is There And She’s Like Are You All Right And Alina Says Yeah Just Tired Jenya Comes Over With Dinner Alina Asks Her About Bagra And Jenia Says No One Saw Her Apparently The King Is Taken Ill And The Apparat Is Ruling The Queen Is Confined To Her Quarters Jenny Is Wearing Corporal Kai Red Now Alina Asks Do You Know What He’s Planning To Do And Jania Says There Are Rumors Alina Says They’re All True And Jenia Says Then It Has To Be Done David Feels Terrible She Also Says Helena Says Tell David I Forgive Him  


Ivan Takes Her To The Darkling The Darkling Is Like I’ve Given You So Much Power But You Just Want To Keep House For Your Tracker He’s Like I’m The One Who Will Give Power To People Over Their Enemies I’m The One Who Will Free Them From The Tyranny Of The King Alina Says And Give Them Your Training In Return And He Says Someone Has To Lead I Wish There Were Another Way She Gives Her A Single Shake Of Her Head And He Says Fine Make Me Your Villain He Says You Betrayed Me Tell Me How Much You Love Him Beg For His Life And She Does She’s Like If You Spare Him I Will Serve You Otherwise I Will Kill Myself He’s Like I Could Be Merciful And He Kisses Her He Says Tomorrow I Will Feed Your Friend To The Vulca And You Will Watch Him Die Say Your Goodbyes Tonight That Is The Mercy A Traitor Deserves He Says You Will Wear That Collar For A Very Very Long Life Then He Sends Her To The Cells To See Mal Ivan Leaves Them For The Night She’s Like Because He’ll Kill You And Mal Is Like Alright He Says I Don’t Blame You For The Part That Loved Him Do You Blame Me For Every Girl I Tumbled She’s Like No Not Much We Found Our Way Back To Each Other Alina That’s What Matters Mal Says Then He Kisses Her Through The Bars They Remember The Old Times And They Sleep She Dreams Of The Stag Again 


Ivan Brings Her To Her Tent Jenny Fixes Her Up No Words At The Front Of The Skiff There Are Fearless Ambassadors A Delegation From The Shuhan Some Kurd Tradesmen And An Envoy Of The King They Enter The Fold The Inferni Starts Eliminating The Sky Calling The Vulca The Darkling Grips Alina’s Arm And Says Now The Fold Is A Light The Volcros Scream In Terror She Makes A Path For The Skiff To Pass She Can See West Rovka The Village Nova Cribbers People Start Crowding Onto The Dry Docks Pointing At The Light She Realizes What’s About To Happen She Says They’re Your Own People But The Darklings Slams His Hands Together And The Darkness Ripples Off From His Hand The Fold Bursts Forward People Run The Darkness Envelops Them And The Vulca Attacks Them The Envoys Are In Horror The Village Is Gone The Message Was That He Can Do This To Anywhere He Is Like The King Will Do As He Is Told Or I Will Send The Shadowfall To Os Alta Where The Grand Palace Is He Says There Are No More Borders Only Inside The Fold And Outside Peace On My Terms He Says We Return To Ravka But The Prisoner Stays Ivan Throws Mal Over Alina Is Still Holding The Light Protecting Mal She Punches Ivan Everyone Else Is Surprised The Darkling Says Pull It Back She Says No Mal Is At The Edge Of The Circle He Stays Unflinching The Darkness Swallows Him She Hears And Scream The Memory Of The Stack Comes To Her And Finally She Understands Why The Stag Came To Her Dreams Every Night He Wasn’t Haunting,

Her He Was Showing Elena Her Strength Not Just The Price Of Mercy But The Power Of It Something That Darkling Would Never Understand She Had Spared The Stag’s Life The Power Of That Life Belonged To Her As Much As The Man Who Had Taken It Her Power Slits Back To Her She Would Never Let Anyone Take It From Her Again Light Explodes The Volcker Holding Mal Shrieks And Lets Go The Darkling Is Confused He Can’t Control Alina Anymore He Calls The Darkness But Elena Burns It Away Like Mist The Dark Thing Is Like Seize Her But Her Power Raises In Her She Does The Cut And Splits The Skip’s Mast In Two Iowa’s Like Oh No The Cut She Says You Saw What He Did To Those People Is That What You Want Help Me Stop Him No One Does Anything .

She Jumps And Goes To Mal Leaves Everyone Else Behind The Darkling Says You Can’t Run From Melina You Can’t Leave Us Here To Die Is This Your Idea Of Mercy And Elena Is Like Yes The Mercy You Taught Me Then She Sends Another Cut And Splits The Sand Skiff In Half She Grabs Mal And Throws A Dome Of Light Around Them And They Run They Emerge From The Fold They Get Cleaned Up Mal Is Injured From Volcker Claws Then They Take Their First Glimpse At The Truthy Endless Blue So Much Of It A Good Place To Hide She Thinks About The People She Left At The Skiff Mel Takes A Gold Pin From Her Hair And Goes To Us Caribou To Get Some Clothes For Them She Takes Off The Kefta Wears The New Clothes I Never Want To See You In Black Again Mal Says Then

He Pulls Out A Red Scarf And Hides Marthova’s Collar She’s Like What Do I Do In Summer He Says We’ll Get Rid Of It By Then She Says No Because It’s Their Only Chance To Destroy The Shadowfold But Also It Feels Like A Part Of Her Now He’s Like What Do We Do With The Kefta And She Says Burn It As The Flames Consume The Silk Mal Kisses Elena And As The Tears Come He Pulls Her Clothes And Holds Her Until There Is Nothing Left But Ashes After Alina And Mal Are On A Real Ship On The True Sea The Crew Calls Them Phantom Men It’s Courage For Ghosts Because They Are Pale And Stand Silent And Watch The Sea For Hours They’re Watching For A Ship With Black Sails Bagra’s Ship For Lauren Was Gone But They Get A Passage On Another Ship They Hear Rumors That The Apharad Had Disappeared Foreign Troops Were Massing On The Borders First And Second Armies Were Threatening To Go To War With Each Other And That The Sun Summoner Was Dead But Nothing On The Darkling’s Death At Night Mal Holds Alina Tight When She Wakes Up From Another Nightmare Of The Men And Women She Left Behind They’re Orphans Again With No True Home But Each Other And Whatever Life They Can Make Together On The Other Side Of The Sea The End All Right That Was It For The Whole Chapter By Chapter Summary Of The First Book I Hope This Was Helpful For At Least Some People And I Hope At Least Some People Make It To The End Of This Blog If You Did Please Let Me Know And If You Want To See The Summaries Of The Other Books Let Me Know And I’ll Make Them If You Enjoy This Blog Please Leave A Like 

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