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History Of Mehrangarh Fort and Interesting Facts

History of Mehrangarh Fort in English: We have given you information about other forts of Rajasthan in our previous articles. Today the weather is going to tell people about a fort in Rajasthan, which is “Fort of Jodhpur” Is known worldwide by the name of

This fort of Jodhpur is considered to be a strong symbol of India’s rich past. This fort of Jodhpur is situated on a high hill at a height of about one hundred and fifty meters. The fort of Rajasthan is known as the most beautiful fort of Rajasthan because it is located at the top of a hill. Now you may understand who we are talking about, you are right, we are talking about Mehrangarh fort.

Mehrangarh Fort is famous all over the world for its beauty and prosperity. Today we will all learn about the history of Mehrangarh Fort in this important article written by us. (History of Mehrangarh Fort in Hindi) Interesting facts about Mehrangarh Fort, way to Mehrangarh Fort, art of Mehrangarh Fort etc.

If you want to get detailed information about Mehrangarh Fort, please read this important article written by us, let’s start this article.

History of Mehrangarh Fort and Interesting Facts History of Mehrangarh Fort in Hindi


What is Mehrangarh Fort?

As we all know, we have many forts in Rajasthan, but out of all those forts, Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur is the most special of all these forts, as it is about 150 meters high. There is a fort on Bhor Chidiya hill, the hill stands perfectly and this fort is said to be one of the most magnificent and majestic buildings in India. Pakistan is clearly visible from Mehrangarh fort and this view is also said to be the best view of the fort.

It is also said that Mehrangarh fort was targeted in 1965 during the war between India and Pakistan. The fort of Mehrangarh is much taller than the Qutub Minar in Delhi. Every day a large number of people from home and abroad come to see this fort of Mehnagar and enjoy this fort.

History of Mehrangarh Fort

Rao Jodhaji laid the foundation stone of Mehrangarh Fort on 12 May 1459 AD. Rao Jodha Jin had to lose the kingdom of Mandore after the death of his father, so Rao Jodha fought a fierce battle for 15 years in a row, he did it with the army.

Rao Jodha won the war in 1453 and captured Mandor. After this Rao Jodha was made the successor. Rao Jodha was one of the 24 children of Maharaja Ranmal of Jodhpur. After taking over the reigns of Jodhpur, in just one year, he felt that the fort of Mandor was no longer safe, so he considered building a fort on a hill about 9 km from his then fort.

Rao Jodha succeeded in this idea and he built a fort on this hill. The fort, built by Rao Jodha, was initially called Chidiya by the people because of its good nature. On 12 May 1459 AD, Maharaj Rao Jodha conducted a new verification and the work of completing the fort was done by Maharaja Jaywant Singh. Maharaja Jaswant Singh completed the fort between 1638 and 1678.

When Mehrangarh fort was built, there was only one sadhu living here at that time, who lived near a huge water source. Later, when the king asked the monk to leave, the monk became angry and supported the king, saying, “The water for which you are taking me out of here will dry up in the next few days.”

From that day onwards there was a constant shortage of water in all the areas around a fort and the king went to the sadhu and apologized and the sadhu also suggested a solution. The monk said that in order to meet the water shortage in the state, you have to bury a person alive and give up your life at your own will.

The capital found many people in its state who could do this work, but they succeeded. They found no one who voluntarily buried alive inside the fort. He then found a man who agreed to the name, Rajaram Meghwal. Rajaram Meghwal came forward to sacrifice his life.

After this Rajaram Meghwal was buried alive in the palace on an auspicious occasion and auspicious day. A sandstone monument was erected on the grave of Rajaram Meghwal in his honor. The name of Rajaram Meghwal and all the information about him were written in this monument so that people will know about him in the future.

About 7 gates have been built in Mehrangarh fort, these gates can be called all. Different kings built different doors. One of these gates was also built by Raja Mansingh in 144646, the Jaipur pole was built. The bridge was built in the wake of the Bikaner War.

To the left of the last gate of the fort, the Iron Gate, is made not only with the handprints of the queens who are worshiped, but also with the handprints of about 15 queens. The door bears the handprints of the same 15 queens who wore the Jauhar in 1843 after the death of her husband Maharaja Mansingh, hence the door on the left side of the iron pole is also called the Jauhar Pole.

Architecture of Mehrangarh Fort

Built by Raja Rao Jodha of Mehrangarh, this monument is a unique example of ancient art, splendor, strength, sacrifice, courage and architecture. The fort has a total of 8 gates. Inside the Mehrangarh Fort, many magnificent palaces, wonderfully carved doors, many latticed windows and inspiring names have been installed.

The wall of Mehrangarh fort extends for a distance of about 10 km and the height of each wall is about 20 feet to 120 feet. The width of this door is about 12 feet to 70 feet. In this, about 7 stocks have also been built, which are connected by winding roads at the four gates of this fort. Not only that, the fort has also been shortened for many Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

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Easy way to reach Mehrangarh Fort

As everyone knows, the city of Jodhpur is very famous in India and it is connected to all the cities in India by rail and air. If you want to go to Jodhpur and wander around it, you will have no problem to get there, you have to take any car to reach Jodhpur, from there you will get an auto rickshaw. One can reach Mehrangarh. Fort with the help of bus cycle treatment.

Mehrangarh Fort is built on which hill?

This fort of Mehrangarh is situated on a hill in Rajasthan, India, which is known as Bhor Chidiya and this hill is called Bhor Chidiya Hill. This hill is called Bhor Chidiya Hill because many birds used to live on this hill.

Interesting facts about Mehrangarh Fort

  • The fort is situated on a high hill about 150 meters above the plains.
  • Mehrangarh Fort is about 73 meters higher than the Qutub Minar in Delhi.
  • For this, there is a temple of Mata Chamunda in the yard, so according to the beliefs of the villagers, the city is monitored by this mother from Mehrangarh fort.
  • An umbrella has also been erected in the palace, in honor of the warrior Kirat Singh Sodha. The umbrella is shaped in such a way that it looks like a tent, which means it is proud of the rich culture of the Rajputs.
  • An area built inside Mehrangarh Fort has been converted into a museum. In this museum you can see the royal palanquin.
  • Built inside the fort, the museum has about 14 rooms, which are adorned with ornaments of royal weapons.
  • We will all get to see some pictures of folk dances in front of the main gate of this fort.

Who built the Mehrangarh Fort?

Rao Jodha

When was the foundation of Mehrangarh Fort laid?

12 May 1459

Who completed the Mehrangarh Fort?

Jaywant Singh

When did Jaywant Singh complete the Mehrangarh Fort?

Between 1638 and 1678


We hope you all enjoy this important article written by us. “History of Mehrangarh Fort and Interesting Facts (History of Mehrangarh Fort)” You may have received some information from us, if you liked our article, please share it. If you have any questions about this reason, let us know in the comment box.

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