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History Of Jaisalmer Fort And Interesting Facts

History of Jaisalmer Fort in English: Hello friends, today we have presented to you the history of one such fort, which is the largest fort not only in India but in the whole world. The fort was established in 1156 by Rajput Rawal Jaisal under the Rajputana rulers.

Now you understand what we are talking about. Yes, you are all right, we are talking. Jaisalmer Fort In this regard, Dr. Today, through this article written by us, you will all find interesting facts about Jaisalmer Fort and its entire history.

Today you will get information from this article that what is the history of Jaisalmer fort? (History of Jaisalmer Fort in Hindi), What is the art of Jaisalmer Fort? Why does Jaisalmer fort shine like gold in sunlight? Interesting facts about Jaisalmer etc.

If you want to get complete information about Jaisalmer, please read this important article written by us. So let’s start this important article and learn the history and interesting facts about Jaisalmer Fort.

History and Interesting Facts of Jaisalmer Fort -History of Jaisalmer Fort


What is the history of Jaisalmer Fort?

We all know who built Jaisalmer Fort, if you don’t know, let us know. Jaisalmer Fort was built in 1156 by King Rawal Jaisal. King Jaisal was made the head of a conspiracy hatched by the Sultan of Gaur to save his kingdom by giving it to his nephew Bhoj. In 1276, an unpleasant incident took place at Jaisalmer fort in which the Jaisal king attacked the Sultan by the Jats.

In this attack by Jaisal Raja, he fortified 56 forts with 3700 troops. The attack infuriated the Sultan, and after eight years of attack, the Sultan destroyed the palace built by King Jaisal with his troops.

When the palace was demolished by the Sultan, the Bhatias took possession of the palace, but due to lack of special power, they were expelled from Rathod in 1324 and after seeing the bravery of Dudu, they were proclaimed queen.

After this they started rebuilding the fort. Ravana was then attacked by the Mughal Empire, which these people could not bear, and then in 1570 they were attacked. Akbar Had to take refuge. Dudu’s father decided to marry his daughter to Akbar and he also married his daughter to him.

In the medieval period after all these events, he played a major role in the association of Parsis, Arabs, Egyptians and Africans. They built the fort wall in such a grand manner that the walls of this fort were almost three storey buildings. While building the fort, he built its outer and lower layers with such strong stones that breaking it was not for anyone to sit on.

He then built the second and middle layer of the fort in the shape of a snake. Once attacking the Rajputs, the Rajputs dropped boiling water and boiled oil on the enemies from these walls and surrounded the enemies on all four sides. He built 99 forts for the protection of the fort, out of which 92 castes were built between 1633 and 1647.

After all this, in the 13th century, Alauddin Khilji attacked the fort and captured it. Nine years later, Alauddin Khilji retained control of it. During the siege of the fort, Rajput women dedicated themselves in memory of their husbands.

In the second battle of the fort between 15 and 41 AD, when the Mughal ruler Humayun attacked the Jaisalmer fort, he defeated Alauddin Khilji and took possession of it. The war lasted a long time, from 1541 to 1742, and King Humayun won the war.

After the capture of the Mughal ruler, Jaisalmer fort came under the control of Maharaval Mulraj, as the fort is situated in a very secluded place.

This was followed by an agreement between the East India Company and Mulraj on 12 December 1818, which resulted in the succession of the king and protection from the East India Company in the event of an attack. Mulraj died in 1820, and after Mulraj’s death, his grandson Gajsingh was proclaimed king.

The Jaisalmer fort was so large that it could accommodate millions of people, and at present it is home to about 4,000 people, including the Daroga community and the Brahmin community. The state of Jaisalmer is so large that it has been named as the largest fort in the world.

All the people living on this fort used to work under the supervision of Bhati rulers in the old days and since then these people have been living on this fort but now they are their descendants and they live on this fort. As the population of Jaisalmer grew, so did the people living on the Trikut Mountains, some under the Trikut Mountains and some on the summit of the Trikut Mountains.

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Why was the fort named Jaisalmer Fort?

As I told you above, the fort of Jaisalmer was built by King Rawal Jaisal of Jaisalmer in the year 1156 AD, so it was King Jaisal who laid the foundation stone for the grand construction of this fort. He also built the fort very spectacularly.

Later came many rulers who continued to make improvements to make this fort even more magnificent, gradually all these kings continued to build this fort and this fort gradually began to grow in size and later this fort was built all over the world. Jaisalmer Fort was built by King Rawal Jaisal as the largest fort in the city, hence the name Jaisalmer Fort after him.

What is the architecture of Jaisalmer Fort?

Let’s learn the art of Jaisalmer fort. If we talk about the structure of Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer Fort is situated on a hill about 460 meters long, 230 meters wide and 76 meters high. The fort of Jaisalmer is only 15 feet high. A chain about 30 feet high has also been built in the fort. To reach this fort from the city of Jaisalmer, grand gates have been built on all four sides.

A grand and royal gutter has been constructed in the fort to drain the water, in the old days this gutter was called Undir Dal. His task was to ensure that rain water did not accumulate in all four directions of the fort during the monsoons and that the rain water did not easily flow into the rivers. It is so beautifully crafted that Jaisal Raja seems to have made it from the point of view of attraction.

Jaisalmer Fort is a multi-storied building. There are thousands of rooms on all the floors of Jaisalmer Fort. Not only this, all the windows of Jaisalmer fort have been made in royal style and even today all the windows and rooms have been decorated in royal style. The balcony and gate of Jaisalmer fort are so beautifully designed that people are fascinated by its artwork. At present many rooms in Jaisalmer Fort have been merged into the museum, but even today many families live in Jaisalmer Fort.

Why does it shine like gold in the sun?

The fort of Jaisalmer shines like gold in the sunlight, so it is also called the Golden Fort. Many types of yellow and gold stones have been used to build Jaisalmer fort, which do not have any color, which is why the color of these stones is still intact today.

That is why when you read the sunlight, the fort shines so brightly that it is completely golden. The fort ranks first among the oldest fortifications, as its fortifications are many times larger than those of the rest of the world.

Interesting information about Jaisalmer Fort

  • The Jaisalmer fort was attacked by Alauddin Khilji and captured.
  • The curtain is made of three layers of walls at the time of embankment, so it is very strong and it is not intimate for anyone to move.
  • The fort was built in 1156 by Bhati Rajput ruler Raja Rawal Jaisal. The fort was named Jaisalmer Fort after King Jaisal.
  • Jaisalmer fort is situated on Trikuta hill, this fort has witnessed many battles which are recorded in the pages of history in the present time, along with the pages of history all these battles have been carved on its walls.
  • Jaisalmer Fort is a mixture of Rajput and Muslim art styles, as it has been ruled by many Muslim kings.
  • People know the yellow sandstone walls because of their honey-colored yellow luster. As soon as the sun shines on it, the fort shines like gold.
  • The locals of Jaisalmer call this fort Sonar Fort or Gold Ford.

Who built Jaisalmer Fort?

Bhati Raja Rawal Jaisal

When was the foundation of Jaisalmer Fort laid?

Year 1156

Where is Jaisalmer Fort located?

On top of Trikuta mountain in Rajasthan

By what other name is Jaisalmer Fort known?

Sonar Fort or Red Fort

The fort of Jaisalmer was in the possession of which king?

Alauddin Khilji


We hope you all enjoy this important article written by us. “History of Jaisalmer Fort and Interesting Facts (History of Jaisalmer Fort)” Definitely liked it and you also got to know the history of Jaisalmer Fort.

If so So please share this important article written by us. If you have any questions about this reason, let us know in the comment box.

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