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Essay on why government school is necessary

5% of India’s population is from middle class families who cannot afford private school fees today. The family that has somehow paid this fee finds their pockets empty at the end of the month. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Even if parents break their backs to cover expenses, they do not want to send their children to government schools.

Long essay on why government schools are necessary in Hindi

An essay of 1000 words


Today, as the tendency of parents towards private schools has increased, the importance of government schools is decreasing day by day. The glare of private schools has fallen on the eyes of the people in such a way that even the parents do not have to avail the free facilities provided by the government. Nowadays parents just love modern equipment and large buildings. The level of education in government schools has dropped drastically, which has increased the importance of private schools in recent times.

What government schools need? (What is the need for government schools?)

Today, although all parents want to send their children to government schools, they are always worried about whether they will be able to pay such high fees for private schools. Any poor family can easily afford government school fees. Books and uniforms are also provided free of cost in government schools, which gives parents a lot of financial comfort. Children’s health is also taken care of through the provision of mid-day meal in government schools.

For a middle-class family, government schools prove to be very financially viable. There is no tension in the head of parents to pay thousands of fees every month. Even a person with a small job can easily complete his children’s education by paying a government school fee. Unlike private schools, government schools do not charge any additional fees for each retail event. In government schools, teachers are trained from time to time so that the study work can be completed in good coordination between the teacher and the student.

Why do people prefer private schools over government schools? (Why do people prefer private schools over government schools?)

Nowadays, one to one modern equipments are being used for study in private schools, which has made it easier to understand anything. Today’s children are also very fond of this modern method, which has increased the interest of children in study. Sports and cultural events are organized from time to time in private schools, which keep the children engaged in areas other than studies. Private schools have discipline among children and teachers while government schools lag far behind. From time to time there are meetings of teachers with the parents of the children, which identify the shortcomings and goodness of the children. Parents and teachers can then work together to address their children’s shortcomings.

Nowadays, English has become so important in every field that without it today’s parents cannot imagine a better future for their children. Children studying in private schools have better English than government schools, so only private school children are ahead in terms of future jobs. Teachers in government schools sometimes come on time and sometimes not, as well as government school teachers are not afraid of losing their jobs, they come to class and rest. In private schools, teachers are on time and if they do not arrive on time, they run the risk of losing their jobs.

The role of government schools in the development of the nation (Role of Government Schools in the Development of the Nation)

After some changes, government schools can play an important role in the development of the nation. If government schools are run in a disciplined manner, children will get a better environment. Government schools should also use new technologies like private ones so that parents do not have to spend more money and send them to private schools and children also have a tendency to study. Which parents want to send their children to private schools by paying more when they get facilities like private at low fees as a government school.

If good education is available for less money, then children from poor families who love to study and want to do something big, can reach their destination by availing government facilities and play their role in the development of the nation. Many parents who want a good education for their children seek the help of government schools due to the high fees of private schools, but due to the weak system of government schools, the child remains weak in studies.

Despite the miserable condition of government schools, some children are promising that their results are better than those of private schools.


Currently, almost all government schools in the country need repairs. Discipline is needed somewhere and good quality education is needed somewhere. Government schools should improve the education of children with the help of modern equipments like projectors, computers etc. The government should also inspect government schools from time to time so that teachers continue to play their role.

Along with education, the cleanliness of government schools and the health of children should also be taken care of. Government school children should be encouraged for sports and other arts. Cultural events and competitions should be organized from time to time to bring out the hidden talents in the children. Such talented students should be helped to cultivate their talents by providing government facilities so that in future the child will uplift the name of the country with his talents.

Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – What is the literacy rate of India?

Answer: At present, India’s literacy rate is around 69.3%.

Question 2 – What is the male literacy rate in India?

Answer: At present, India’s male literacy rate is around 78.8%.

Question 3 – What is the female literacy rate in India?

Answer: At present, the female literacy rate in India is around 59.3%.

Question 4 – Which is the most illiterate state in India?

North – Bihar is the most illiterate state in India.

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