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Can you imagine life without electricity, television, fan, mobile, fridge, etc.? It has never been easier to travel miles without any means of transportation. People could not talk to their close ones, relatives, friends or anyone else, because in those days we had no choice but to send a letter. This has been made possible only by science, which has made our lives much easier due to the vast technology of science. Where science has made our lives simpler and easier through technology and technology, science is also the cause of the destruction of human life.

I have tried to discuss all aspects of science through this essay. This essay will definitely be useful for all student essays, projects etc.

A long essay on science is a blessing or a curse in English

Science: Blessing or Curse – 1450 word essay


In ancient times man lived like a nomad, but today he has become a civilized citizen. All this has been made possible only by the use of science. Science is involved in every event in our lives. Science has a very important role to play in all our routine work, from the discovery of satellite and space technology. Life before the development of inventions was very difficult. Everything in life took time due to lack of development. The minds of the wise converted these needs into facilities and this is what we know as science.

Science is a never ending curiosity (Science is an unrestricted curiosity)

Every day different thoughts and ideas come to our mind. It just takes a spark to turn these ideas into inventions. The basic meaning of science is to follow curiosity. It is about knowing the various events happening around us. Transforming your thoughts into research is called science, which answers your thoughts and curiosities.

Curiosity and new discoveries lead you to a new technological development, which has made your life easier and more convenient. Science has eased many of the complexities of our lives. Science is in nature and the events that take place in them, the weather and climate change and the activities in space etc. The answer to every question that arises in our minds can only be possible through science.

Major contributions to computer science (Great contribution of computer science)

This scientific age is also known as the computer age, and is very important for computer science. Computers have become essential in every field of medicine, agriculture, industry, education, research and development. By using a computer, we can eliminate all our doubts. This is possible only through the use of this tool, which has connected the world through communication and conveyed to us the information of all the happenings in the world.

Mobile phones and smart computers are in everyone’s hands nowadays. Mobile phones have been developed by technological advances. They are very useful and can be easily taken to other places. Much of the work done through browsing, mail, messaging, etc. can be done with great ease in seconds. This is not possible without science and science approach.

Technology Of The advantages of science as a technology

1. Improving our living standards (Our standard of living improved)

Science has brought our lives from a normal level to a grand and better level. We have got many facilities through science. In the past the means of transportation were limited and today we have a car or a bike in every home. With the advent of TVs, home theaters, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., our way of life has changed a lot.

2. Included in our daily routine (Participate in our daily routine)

Humans use fans, geysers, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, gas stoves, etc. in their daily lives, in the form of incredible inventions of science. Today we cannot imagine our lives without all these technologies. All of these things have become a necessity in our daily lives.

3. In medical science and treatment (Useful in medical science and treatment)

There are treatments and medicines available in the market for many types of diseases. Various devices have been developed to diagnose various diseases of the human body. Diseases that were previously undiagnosed have become much easier to diagnose today. Science has made possible things that were once considered impossible. Many types of chronic diseases have been treated with the help of science.

4. Easy communication (Easy communication)

Today people can easily send messages and mails etc. Technology has advanced so much through science that a person sitting in one country can easily interact with people from other countries. It has become a great means of communication and communication with other countries for doing business and doing business. This is what drives our country’s economy.

5. Helps to learn and teach (Assistance in teaching and learning)

Many changes have taken place in this scientific age. Instead of boards, chalk and duster, it has taken the form of a smart class. Education has become easier for students who live in remote areas and cannot report their attendance in class.

Disadvantages of science as a technology (Disadvantages of science as technology)

1. Environmental degradation

Smoke and dust from industrial areas and vehicles, air pollutants like NOx, SOx, factory waste pose a major threat to our environment. All this is deteriorating our air, water and quality day by day. These are the results of a variety of advanced inventions, and if all of this is harming our environment, it is entirely in the form of a curse.

2. Development of life-threatening weapons

Negative use of biological weapons, science, and technology can wreak havoc on the entire world. Technology can be used to make modern weapons, which can lead to human destruction. It can completely destroy human existence on earth. The devastating effects of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II can still be seen today. This too was a gift of science.

Is science a blessing or a curse?? (Is science a blessing or a curse?)

Science is a gift to human beings. Science has made many impossible things possible. Through this, various technologies, spacecraft, satellites and nuclear weapons have been developed today. This technology and science has taken humans to the moon and Mars. What humans were in the Stone Age, science has transformed them into modern humans today. Only science can save the country from any kind of threat and create new systems and defense technologies.

Science has given birth to a variety of developments and inventions, which are very useful for mankind. But on the other hand it also has many curses, as it has been shown that science has made man very lazy and suffers from many health problems. Man uses science to make his profit and life easier and destroys others by making dangerous weapons and destructive bombs from the same science, which kills many innocent people. Through science we can take care of the environment and at the same time make good use of science for mankind. Proper use of science will bring good results, while using it in a negative way can lead to the end and destructive effect of nature and human life.


Science and technology should be used to help in the development of mankind. It will help in the development of mankind. We must not allow science to dominate us. If science dominates mankind, it will have dire consequences. This can have a detrimental effect on nature as well as on mankind and can lead to their destruction. Man has become selfish and thinks only of his own interest, which is the cause of the bad condition of the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – How is science a gift?

A. Science has contributed to the transformation from primitive man to modern man and to the development of man today.

Question 2 – What is the benefit of science?

Answer: Many scientific discoveries like transport, medical field, electricity, telecommunication, entertainment, mobile and computer etc. are a boon for us.

Question 3 – How is science a curse?

A. Atomic bombs and other dangerous weapons created by the misuse of science can destroy mankind.

Question 4 – What are the disadvantages of science?

A. Science has played an important role in the development of mankind, but its misuse has adversely affected the environment.

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