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Essay on Parsi New Year in English For students

The Parsi New Year is like a new life for the people of the Parsi community. Parsi New Year Nowruz Which is also called meaning “New day”. According to the Hijri Shamsi calendar, this new year falls on the first date of Farwardin. Just as January 1 brings joy to us in the form of the New Year, so do the Parsis jump for joy on the occasion of their New Year.

Long essay in English on Parsi New Year

Through this essay we will learn about some interesting facts related to all Parsi New Year.

Parsi New Year Essay – 800 words


Zoroastrian scholars have declared the first day of the first month as the Zoroastrian New Year according to the Iranian calendar. Originally, this New Year was started by the Iranians mainly in Iran, but over time, as the Parsi community spread throughout the world, the Parsi community celebrated the Parsi community in other countries as well, such as India. If we talk about the past of this New Year, it has been celebrated for almost 3,000 years in areas like Central Asia, the Black Sea Basin, West Asia and the Balkans.

What is Parsi New Year? (W.Is there a Parsi New Year hat?)

Just as the new religion is provided for in different religions on different days of the year, so, according to the Parsis, one day is fixed for the beginning of the year. The Parsis celebrate this day with great pomp as the New Year. The beginning of the Parsi New Year “Equinax” Which means “same”. According to many astronomers, this is a time when day and night are almost identical. This time the sun goes just above the equator. If the Parsi New Year is calculated according to the Christian calendar, it is celebrated around 20 or 21 March each year.

Who celebrates the Persian New Year? (Who celebrates the Persian New Year?)

The people celebrating the Persian New Year are of Zoroastrian religion. The founder of this religion was Saint Zarathustra. It is a very ancient religion that has its roots even before Islam. In the 7th century, the Muslim inhabitants of Arabia defeated Iran in battle. Muslims then persecuted Zarathustra’s followers and forced them to convert. The Parsis, who did not convert to Islam, all came to India shouting on the Husare boat. The people of this Parsi community have celebrated the Parsi New Year.

Is it Parsi New Year National or official Is it a holiday? (Is Parsi New Year a national or a public holiday?)

At present the population of Parsis in the whole world is only less than 1 lakh. Despite the small population of the Parsi community, there is a lot of excitement among the people about this new year. If we talk about statistics, the population of Parsis alone is 65,000, the remaining 35000 thousand population is scattered in countries like Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia and Turkey.

Despite many dilemmas, every family in the Parsi community celebrates the Parsi New Year with great pomp. The Parsi New Year has not been declared a national or gazetted holiday by the country’s governments, but has been declared an official holiday in Parsi-dominated areas.

Why and how do Parsis celebrate New Year? (Why and how is Parsi New Year celebrated?)

According to Zoroastrian texts, Nowruz or Parsi New Year’s festival King Jamshed According to the Zoroastrian texts related to the reign of, King Jamshed had saved the entire human race from the ravages of the cold weather, which was bound to destroy the entire human race. In Iranian mythology, there is evidence that Jamshed himself started Nowruz.

According to this scripture, King Jamshed had built a jeweled throne. Which he established in heaven with the help of angels and sat on it shining like the sun. All the animals of the world offered him valuable things and since then this day has been known as Nowruz.

On this day the people of the Parsi community go to meet the senior member of the household, after which the elder member goes to each other’s house. On this day all the people gather in one place and taste a variety of foods and enjoy the fireworks. This process of meeting continues throughout the month or at least until the thirteenth of the month. If a family in the community who has lost someone in the past year, all the people get together first go to that member’s house and give them new clothes as a gift after taking off their black clothes.


Nowruz or Parsi New Year is a symbol of finding happiness in one’s own difficulties. The manner in which the Parsis were persecuted in ancient times is like the time on the face of humanity. But even then, the way people in the Parsi community are happily spending every moment of their lives, big or small, is admirable. We should all learn to forget and celebrate the people of the Parsi community. The Parsi New Year is more dear to people associated with nature. The atmosphere at this time looks very balanced and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – When is the Parsi New Year celebrated in India?

A. The festival is celebrated on August 16 according to the Gregorian calendar.

Question 2 – By what other name is the Persian New Year known?

A. This New Year is also known as “Nowruz” and “Pateti”.

Question 3 – Parsi New Year is associated with which religion?

Answer: The Zoroastrian New Year is associated with the Zoroastrian religion in native Iran.

Question 4 – What is the population of Parsis in the world?

A. The Parsi population in the whole world is less than 1 lakh.

Question 5 – Where do most Parsis live in India?

Answer: Most of the Parsis in India live in Mumbai.

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