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In the current inflation and competitive life, it has become very difficult for a poor and unskilled person to survive. Such a class of people desperately needs extra facilities to live. For the economically backward class, facilities like free rations help a lot in maintaining their family. So, will the needs of the young people who have been educated one by one be met only by principles like free rations? Will the future of such youth be saved by giving 4-5 kg free ration?

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A long essay on whether we need free rations in the 21st century or whether we need free rations or employment in the 21st century in English

Free Ration or Employment – 1050 word essay

Preface (What do we want – free rations or employment)

In the 21st century, when the population of our country has reached around 138 crores, the poverty and unemployment rate in the country is increasing rapidly. For people below the poverty line, the government has made provision to provide rations at very negligible prices, which helps the people of that class financially, but also the youth of the same class who complete the degree in any way. Despite this, they are still wandering around for employment. At present, this young person needs additional facilities for his future so that he can contribute to the development work.

Major government schemes related to free rations

The government keeps coming up with many such schemes from time to time so that the needy get two meals a day. In this context, the Prime Minister of the country Shri Narendra Modi launched the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana on March 2020. Under the scheme, at the time of the Corona epidemic, the government had provided free rations to about 80 crore people in the country. Earlier, the Ministry of Fertilizers and Consumers had launched the Antyodaya Food Scheme on December 25, 2000 to benefit about one million families. In which 20 kg wheat and 15 kg rice, wheat at the rate of Rs. 2 per kg and rice at the rate of Rs. 3 per kg for the economically backward people.

Major Employment Scheme

The Government of India has from time to time introduced various schemes for youth employment and skill development. In which Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana is very prominent. Under this scheme, efforts have been made to reduce poverty by providing livelihood opportunities to the people through skill development. The scheme was launched under the “Ministry of Housing and Urban Mitigation”. The Rs 500 crore scheme is a combination of “National Urban Livelihood Mission” and “National Rural Livelihood Mission”. The scheme seeks to benefit about 4,000 cities and towns.

Thoughts of youth towards government schemes

By the way, many such schemes are introduced by the government from time to time, which helps the youth of the country in developing their skills. Today’s youth understand the interests of the governments behind all these schemes. They get an idea of what the government has come up with to hide their failures. With the help of all skill development schemes a person can become skilled, but if he does not have opportunities or employment then where will he use the skills?

Nowadays almost all young people have some degree but they are unable to make any use of that degree. Waiting for a new appointment of staff in any government or private organization, then the age limit of the candidate’s job passes. Even if an organization comes out with some kind of appointment, it takes years to complete. In such a scenario, the government’s interest in bringing in skill plans is evident.

Do today’s youth need free rations or employment?

If we look at the current situation in India and understand what is the main need of today’s youth, then in the North we will get employment from all the youth. Today’s young man, who is not well educated, has the same mentality that if he can’t get a job in any organization, then at least he can support his family by getting a job. But the truth is that it is very difficult to get any employment nowadays and this problem is bigger for a poor family.

A young person who is educated and has grown up with a goal in an organization since childhood, it is very difficult for him to get that position nowadays. If a young person dreams of working in a government agency, it proves to be even more challenging in the present times. Despite spending millions of rupees on education and writing, the lack of recruitment and the fact that it takes 3-4 years to complete even after arrival creates a very depressing situation for the children of today’s poor families. Collecting application fees in small chunks from recruitment makes those poor youth more financially vulnerable.

Notice on current status of government recruitment

The government needs to change its approach to appointments. Whether we talk about the state government or in the name of central government recruitment, huge fees are charged from the candidates. But sadly, even after taking the fee, the candidates have to wait for years for the exams and when it comes to the exams, some of the candidates are not aware of their age and some of them have dropped out.

In such a case the recruitment fee collected by those candidates goes in vain. To get rid of this problem, all the recruitment institutes should charge the recruitment fee only from the candidates who will be present for the examination at that time.


If we think about this issue without any party or caste ideology, it would be fair to conclude that in the 21st century, employment opportunities should be provided to the youth without the lure of free rations. If all the youth have their own employment, they will not have to reach out to the government for rations etc. In today’s world full of competition, everyone desperately needs opportunities. It is very difficult for a poor family to grow up without additional facilities. In such a scenario, the government needs to make every effort to provide employment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – What is the current unemployment rate in India?

Answer – India’s current (2021) unemployment rate is around 7.78%.

Question 2 – What is the ranking of India in the world in unemployment?

Answer – India ranks 86th in the world in unemployment.

Question 3 – What is employment?

Answer – The work done by a person for subsistence is called employment.

Question 4 – When did Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana start?

Answer – Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana was launched on March 2020.

Question 5 – Which state has the highest unemployment rate in India?

Answer – Sikkim has the highest unemployment rate in India.

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